Couple book a holiday together after one conversation on Bumble

Forgive me for not believing a fucking word of this

A couple have supposedly decided to book a holiday together after about 30 Bumble messages and a joke gone too far.

Ben and Emily matched, joked about meeting up at Gatwick as a bit of introductory patter, got carried away, and then actually spent £100 each on a rogue wowcher getaway.

One of their friends tweeted about the whole thing and racked up 45k likes. And why not? It's a heartwarming tale for the viral age.

Ben Windle and "classic Emily" match, and start some 3/10 flirting. "I'm driving past Gatwick tonight, get ready x" says Ben, which kicks the whole thing off.

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The pair let the joke go on, before Ben says "I'm actually the kind of person that would actually book a flight somewhere with a random person on tinder". Ben then sends a wowcher link and Emily replies "No joke shall we actually do it".

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Ben explains how it works and then says: "One of us books then the other transfers the money?"

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Emily's up for it, so Ben suggests: "You happy for me to book and then you transfer me".

She says: "I'm good with that", and asks if they can fly from Gatwick.

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So Ben books it and returns to the 3/10 flirting. He even posted a receipt as proof.

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But Emily didn't reply for a whole day after the "it's booked" message. Ben's wondering if he's fucked up and taken the joke too seriously.

In what must be a massive relief to both participants and every onlooker, Emily does eventually text back. She says "I'll be a basic bitch and set one of those timers."

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And now they're texting! With the draw on the 23rd, they could be off anywhere around the world. For only £99 (plus booking fee) each.

Look, this is nice. But you've got to treat it with a healthy degree of skepticism. In the spirit of Coleen we did a bit of investigating to see if this was all done for clout.

Emily's twitter looks to have been created only a few hours before Sophie's viral tweet was posted. The first tweet she posted was this:

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Ben hadn't tweeted since 2014 until he posted the thread of the story.

Sophie, who posted the story about her "two friends", is a beauty Youtuber.

So tell me you read this exchange and your bullshit alarms don't start wailing.

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"I did not expect this tweet to do so well to the point where you might see it," Sophie tells Emily. Keep in mind that's Emily's first ever tweet – it's all just a bit convenient.

Far be it from us to suggest people are making up bullshit viral stories on the internet for subscribers to their YouTube channel.

We contacted Ben and Emily, but haven't heard back.

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