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Molly-Mae cooked Tommy dinner and people can’t get over how disgusting it looks

Bone apple teeth my friends

Molly-Mae has got the whole country talking about her again, but this time it's for her shocking cooking skills.

Tommy Fury shared a video of a meal Molly made for him, containing chicken, potatoes and veg, telling his fans: "So, hard training session at the gym and I come back to the most wifiest wife of them all."

Not being funny, that looks rank

Posted by The Holy Church of Love Island on Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Molly-Mae can be heard in the background, saying: "It looks terrible, and it's plastic plates as well."

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People quickly started flooding Tommy's comments, saying the chicken looks dry and unseasoned.

One said: "Did Tommy Fury really post that chicken LOOOOL not one peppercorn on that f**king hell."

Another tweet read: "No salt, no maggi, no black pepper, no curry powder……just hot water and hope is what is going on here…. and he will lie and say it’s nice."

Tommy has since responded to Molly being roasted for her cooking skills. He tweeted: "Can I just say that the meal @mollymaehaguemade for me was a fighters meal clean cut food I don’t like seasoning or any of that btw. It was the most caring thing anyone has ever done for me so thanks for the meal babe I love you❤️come on guys where’s the love."

But people are still mocking him.

Others are speculating that Molly-Mae wrote the tweet herself.

But let's not forget Tommy's ketchup and mayo sandwich. It wouldn't take much to please him.

What do you think of Molly-Mae's meal?

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