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Who is Flora Ogilvy? The young royal Bristol grad taking over the art world

She’s 56th in line to the throne

You may have heard of Amelia Windsor, Arthur and Sam Chatto and Cassius Taylor. But there's one young royal who seems to have gone completely under the radar.

Introducing Flora Ogilvy, the 25-year-old Bristol grad, curator, writer and speaker. She's also a member of the British royal family.

Flora's parents are James Ogilvy and Julia Rawlinson

Flora's father, James, is the elder child and only son of Sir Angus Ogilvy an Princess Alexandra of Kent. Princess Alexandra is Queen Elizabeth's first cousin. He studied at Eton and then History of Art at St Andrews. He is the publisher and founder of magazine Luxury Briefing. James Ogilvy is also the godfather of Princess Eugenie.

She went to Bristol University

Flora studied History of Art at Bristol University between 2013-2016.

She's now running her own company called Arteviste

According to the Arteviste LinkedIn, the company "creates editorial, video and events-based content focused on the contemporary art market. Flora lectures at The Courtauld Institute of Art, University College London, Christie's Education and Cambridge University.

Flora has a boyfriend and his name is Tim Vesterberg

He's from Sweden, but based in London at the moment. According to his LinkedIn, he works in investment. Obviously.

Her brother is Alexander O'Gilvy

Brother of Flora, Alex Ogilvy, studies Computer Science and Economics at Brown University in America.

Flora is well travelled, listing Tuscany, Provence and Nuntucket in her Instagram Story highlights

She seems to enjoy travelling all over the world.

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