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A Lincoln fresher missed the beach so much he made one in his accommodation

‘We turned the heating up to make it feel hot’

Lincoln’s Tory MP blocks the Uni of Lincoln’s Labour Society on Twitter

The society wanted to ask the MP about food parcels given to children by private companies

Uni of Lincoln introduces safety net style policies for all students

They have made changes to regulations in order to support individual academic performance during the pandemic

Lincoln offers a 20 per cent rent reduction for all students in uni accommodation

‘Our aim at Lincoln is to support our students as best we can’

Lincoln students who need to return to uni for personal reasons can come back to campus

This includes if you require support for your mental health

Lincoln students asked to delay their return to uni under government guidance

Lincolnshire was placed under Tier 4 restrictions on Wednesday

The UK is leaving the European Union: Here’s how it affects students

The transition period ends today

A University of Lincoln student has been fined £10k for having a 100-person party

‘As a university we deplore the irresponsible behaviour of a small number of individuals’