Lincoln SU to hold a virtual Freshers Week

This means no freshers fayre, gig or club nights in the Engine Shed are to take place

One way systems and sanitiser stations: This is how Lincoln uni will look when it reopens

This includes access to the uni’s Riseholme campus

Uni of Lincoln ranked among the world’s greatest young universities

Forget what Will said, Lincoln has been named one of the best young universities in the world

Students petition for Lincoln SU’s Chief Executive to stand down

The petition has had 189 signatures at the time of writing

“Our black staff and students shouldn’t need a referendum”: UoL speaks out

The Students’ Union are holding a referendum to lobby the university to stand with the BLM movement

“They’ve shot themselves in the foot”: Lincoln students on the SU’s BLM statement

The statement even failed a plagiarism checker test

Lincoln SU’s Chief Exec statement on BLM was copied from Essex Uni’s

Essex’s statement was released on 12th June

‘I recognise that the SU has failed you’: Lincoln’s SU Chief Executive speaks out

‘We must be anti-racist and seek justice, not just on campus and lecture theatres, but in society.’

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Lincoln SU to hold a referendum to get UoL to stand with the BLM movement

Voting opens on the 17th June

‘We are witnessing living, breathing history.’: Lincoln’s ACS society on the future in Lincoln

“The world is gaining a conscience and it is powerful.”

‘The change starts with us’: We spoke to the BLM Lincoln protest organisers

“We won’t be going away until things change, because now is the time to push it.”

University of Lincoln will hold an online open day to allow for social distancing

There will be more than 30 live talks, and 360 degree tours of the university campus

Only 15 per cent of the University of Lincoln’s staff are from BAME backgrounds

Less than 1 per cent of the university professors around the UK are black

University of Lincoln to demonstrate solidarity for the Black Lives Matter movement

“We must acknowledge the central truth of this movement, that some people appear to be more valued than others”

University of Lincoln students won’t receive maintenance loans until October

The delay is the result of a change in term times, with the 2020/21 academic year set to begin on 5th October

University of Lincoln delay the next academic year to October

“‘It is likely that having changed the start of term to October in 2020 that we will move to an October start for at least the next few years’