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Who is Kieran Nicholls? Love Island’s newest personal trainer to enter the villa

Looks like he’s not over his ex imo

Tonight, two new boys will enter the Love Island villa to replace Frankie and Grace who left in a shocking and emotional dumping last night. Their names are Kieran and Idris and they're (obviously) really fit. So what do we know about them? This is all the gossip we have on new boy Kieran.

Age: 26

From: London

Instagram: @kierannicholls.11 (he's only got like 900 followers lol)

What does Kieran from Love Island do?

Kieran Nicholls works as a personal trainer in London after giving up his job as a chef in Suffolk to be near to his ex girlfriend.

Who does Kieran want to get with in the villa?

He claims to be chasing Megan and Kazimir, despite the fact they're both in relationships. He said: “In the villa, I’ve got my eye on Kaz in terms of looks and personality. She has her head screwed on and she knows where she wants to be and that’s a trait I look for.

"Megan is also pretty hot. Maybe she might meet someone like me who will tame her.”

He added: "If I have a 10 out of 10 on my left side and a 5 out of 10 on my right, and the 5 out of 10 was more confident and the 10 out of 10 was boring, I’d go for the five out of 10 all day long,” he says. “I want someone to be themselves but confidently express themselves and have a laugh. Looks aren’t everything to me.”

What were Kieran's previous relationships?

Kieran claims his last relationship was a long one – it apparently lasted five years and ended only eight months ago.

He claims to have changed his career to become a personal trainer while he was with his ex. He said: "My last relationship was about five years long and we broke up eight months ago. That relationship taught me a lot. I moved from Suffolk to London to be with her, to try and bring us closer together.

"I became a personal trainer, I moved in with her but I forgot about her in the sense of I was concentrating more on myself. I was worrying about where I was going in life not where my relationship was going.

"In the villa things move quickly because you’re together for 24 hours a day. I will take what I’ve learnt into my next relationship."

An interesting detail is that Kieran's ex has deleted all traces of him from her Instagram profile, while his is still littered with pictures of her including gushy captions.

What does Kieran like about himself?

Apparently he's happy with his teeth and eyes, so that's nice. He says: "I don’t try too hard, I just try and be myself and people will either like it or they won’t. A lot of people try too hard but I’m a genuine, honest person and a nice guy.

"I am a genuine guy, without sounding cocky or big headed, I’m confident and I know people think I’m good looking and I have to reign it in a bit to make sure I don’t come across cocky.

"I try and just be honest and come across confident rather than cocky."

Another fun fact about Kieran is that he's never cheated on a girl. Dani would be impressed.

On the slip side, Kieran doesn't like that he gets hangry all the time and talks about nutrition too much.

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