University of Lincoln reveals ‘serious financial pressures’ to students

The university says it ‘will need to make substantial cost savings’

The University of Lincoln has said it is under “growing” financial pressure, which could mean serious budget cuts if changes are not implemented.

In an email sent to students, the university explained the factors placing strain on the university, including the continued freezing of undergraduate tuition fees, which have been caped at £9,250 since 2017, and new immigration polices making the UK a “less attractive place to study for international students.”

This means that “the university will need to make substantial cost savings” to ensure that it can remain open and thriving.

Though it is not entirely sure what actions will be taken at this time, the email reported that they “cannot rule out the possibility that some staff redundancies may be necessary in the future.” The university has ensured students they are doing “everything possible to protect the student experience and to look after university staff.”


An email sent to students from the University of Lincoln

When asked for further comment, a spokesperson from the University of Lincoln said: “The university will be reviewing how efficiently we deliver our teaching, including our portfolio, assessment methods and student-to-staff ratios. We must improve the efficiency of teaching while mitigating any negative impact on the student experience, not just to control costs, but to release capacity among our academic staff to focus on other strategically important activities, including research and external income generation.”

Despite this, the news has continued to spiked the anxieties of both staff and students alike.

First year business and marketing student, Daniel Page, commented on the situation and his concerns. He said: “I’m most concerned about a decrease in the quality of education with the potentiality of bigger class sizes and cuts to student services like career advice, extracurricular activities, or counselling. Something like this requires a more proactive level of communication by the university… I am also incredibly concerned with the damage to future prospects through harm to the university’s reputation.”

This week, conversations have taken place across the University of Lincoln’s academic and professional services departments in regards to the ongoing issues they are facing. A dialogue is also underway with the Students’ Union and the main Trades Union who represent the staff.

Steps are being taken to ensure the correct course of action is given for both the current academic year, and subsequent years. The university has affirmed that they will do everything possible to protect the student experience and look out for their staff as they navigate this difficult period.

Any questions or concerns can be directed to Student Services and the Students’ Union.

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