Sophia Miller
Former Co-Editor of The Tab Edinburgh

There’s a huge wildfire blazing on Arthur’s Seat

Edi can’t handle this February heat

A group of Edinburgh students is gathering donations for the homeless in Potterrow this week

Any spare clothes or toiletries are welcomed

Clubbers of the Week

Don’t be a bore in week four

Edinburgh Uni are looking for couples to trial a new male contraceptive

Men will have to smear a gel on their arms daily

‘Privileged’ Edinburgh student sentenced to three years in jail for sex attack on fresher

The judge condemned Felix Beck’s ‘entitlement’

Edinburgh ski trip students banned from club after reports of violence

Official reps told students to avoid the nightclub ‘at all costs’

Edinburgh named as the second healthiest university in the UK

Researchers were impressed by facilities at Pleasance Gym

Edinburgh student jailed for smuggling £100,000 worth of weed back from Barcelona

She’s an art student

A man has been sentenced for swinging his dick around on an Edinburgh McDonald’s countertop

He was fined £500

Edinburgh fourth year student charged with sexual assault

Felix Beck has been suspended from the university

Three people stabbed after unprovoked Grassmarket attack last night

The attacker struck at random

Take this scientific quiz and find out which Edinburgh supermarket you are

Lol if you get the South Clerk Street Co-op

‘Way too many foreigners here, why not stay in your own country’: Edifess comes under fire for racist posts

One of them attacks international students

Clubbers of the Week

Waft your bin bags in the air

We also found the guy in the Milk meme – but would HE remember what he said?

Read on to see if their stories match up

We spoke to the girl behind *that* Milk Tuesdays meme


Storm Ali has caused damage to Topshop’s roof on Princes Street

Police have cordoned off parts of the street

FLY Open Air Festival returns to Edinburgh this weekend

Time to dust off those rave shades

‘My university likes to brush racism under the carpet’ – Why Edinburgh’s complaints process is preventing students from speaking out

Haddy Jeng didn’t hear back for months after experiencing group chat racism

81 per cent voted ‘no’ in The Tab’s pronoun badge poll

Wearing a badge will not be compulsory