Sophia Miller
Sophia Miller
Features Editor of The Tab Edinburgh

Here’s what you could do with all that spare time if the Edinburgh strikes go ahead

Innovative skiing week? More like innovative skiing month

Everything you’ll know if you study Linguistics – the degree nobody knows about

Please don’t ask me how many languages I speak

Vice Chancellor confirms that Edinburgh Uni won’t close completely during the lecturer strikes

All students were sent an email this morning

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will be in Edinburgh next week

This one goes out to all you royalists

All the things you learn when your bedroom window looks out onto Hive

Basically it’s just really loud all the time

EUSA’s going to transform New Amphion into a fancy restaurant this Valentine’s Day

Just the date idea we’ve all been looking for

A definitive list of Edinburgh Uni’s best toilets

Does your favourite make the cut?

Clubbers of the Week

Refreshers edition

Going to a Scottish uni is worth it just for the Christmas break

A whole month off? Yes please

PSA: Pizza Posto are selling £1 pizzas this Monday

As if their pizza wasn’t already cheap enough?

I tried the best productivity hacks to see if they’d stop me procrastinating

Once a procrastinator, always a procrastinator?

From today, you can get KFC delivered to your Edinburgh flat

Revision snack anyone?

Clubbers of the Week

The one where it was Halloween

Clubbers of the Week

The week where everyone went costume-mad

Okay, I admit it – I just don’t get why people like the countryside

Is it such a crime to prefer civilisation over mother nature?

Edinburgh’s spiciest Singles of the Week

These pringles are ready to mingle

Whistle Stop Barber Shop selling 99p burgers this Tuesday

It’s first come first served, so sharpen your elbows

I tested some of Edinburgh’s most famous pizzerias to find the city’s best pizza

Someone had to do the research

Meet the hedgehog living in a flat of Edinburgh third years

He’s the perfect student pet

I get all my clothes from eBay and it’s so worth it

Here’s how you can do it too

Uni secrets all Edinburgh newcomers should know

’tis a campus full of mysteries