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Former Co-Editor of The Tab Edinburgh

Sophia Miller
Edinburgh University


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There’s a huge wildfire blazing on Arthur’s Seat

Edi can’t handle this February heat

A group of Edinburgh students is gathering donations for the homeless in Potterrow this week

Any spare clothes or toiletries are welcomed

Clubbers of the Week

Don’t be a bore in week four

Edinburgh Uni are looking for couples to trial a new male contraceptive

Men will have to smear a gel on their arms daily

‘Privileged’ Edinburgh student sentenced to three years in jail for sex attack on fresher

The judge condemned Felix Beck’s ‘entitlement’

Edinburgh ski trip students banned from club after reports of violence

Official reps told students to avoid the nightclub ‘at all costs’

Edinburgh named as the second healthiest university in the UK

Researchers were impressed by facilities at Pleasance Gym

Edinburgh student jailed for smuggling £100,000 worth of weed back from Barcelona

She’s an art student

Edinburgh fourth year student charged with sexual assault

Felix Beck has been suspended from the university

Three people stabbed after unprovoked Grassmarket attack last night

The attacker struck at random

Take this scientific quiz and find out which Edinburgh supermarket you are

Lol if you get the South Clerk Street Co-op

More transphobic stickers have been found outside the Edinburgh Uni library

The stickers claim ‘women don’t have penises’

‘Way too many foreigners here, why not stay in your own country’: Edifess comes under fire for racist posts

One of them attacks international students

We also found the guy in the Milk meme – but would HE remember what he said?

Read on to see if their stories match up

We spoke to the girl behind *that* Milk Tuesdays meme


Storm Ali has caused damage to Topshop’s roof on Princes Street

Police have cordoned off parts of the street

FLY Open Air Festival returns to Edinburgh this weekend

Time to dust off those rave shades

‘My university likes to brush racism under the carpet’ – Why Edinburgh’s complaints process is preventing students from speaking out

Haddy Jeng didn’t hear back for months after experiencing group chat racism

81 per cent voted ‘no’ in The Tab’s pronoun badge poll

Wearing a badge will not be compulsory

Still reeling from the strikes? Here’s how to apply for £250 compensation from the University of Edinburgh

All you need to do is fill out this form

Edinburgh and Glasgow universities reserving clearing places for Scotland’s poorest students

Last-minute applications from middle-class students will not be accepted

Three men in hospital after Queensferry Street stabbing

At least one of them is said to have suffered serious injuries

Edinburgh is the third most expensive place in the UK to buy a pint

And it’s only out-priced by London and Oxford

Edinburgh has been ranked as one of the top five cities in the WORLD for a night out

And Glasgow didn’t make the cut

Today’s the day: The Gordon Aikman Lecture Theatre occupiers are finally leaving

It’s been a long six weeks

University of Edinburgh academic centre revealed to have been funded by a Putin-led Russian cultural unit

Over 90 per cent of external funding came from Russia

We took a serious look at all the embarrassing things we used to do on Facebook when we were angsty teens

Nothing was too private to be posted on our friend’s wall

I tried using a Mooncup for a week and am now officially a convert

I call her Glenda

All the reasons why studying in the library is completely overrated

Did you ever really want to leave your bed anyway?

The Edinburgh Uni Women’s Volleyball 1st Team are stranded in Bournemouth and crowdfunding to get home

They’ve been trying to get back since Wednesday

Edinburgh Uni has a new Rector and she is only the second woman to have held the role in 159 years

She was voted in today

Here’s what you could do with all that spare time if the Edinburgh strikes go ahead

Innovative skiing week? More like innovative skiing month

Everything you’ll know if you study Linguistics – the degree nobody knows about

Please don’t ask me how many languages I speak

Vice Chancellor confirms that Edinburgh Uni won’t close completely during the lecturer strikes

All students were sent an email this morning

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will be in Edinburgh next week

This one goes out to all you royalists

All the things you learn when your bedroom window looks out onto Hive

Basically it’s just really loud all the time

EUSA’s going to transform New Amphion into a fancy restaurant this Valentine’s Day

Just the date idea we’ve all been looking for

A definitive list of Edinburgh Uni’s best toilets

Does your favourite make the cut?

Going to a Scottish uni is worth it just for the Christmas break

A whole month off? Yes please

PSA: Pizza Posto are selling £1 pizzas this Monday

As if their pizza wasn’t already cheap enough?

I tried the best productivity hacks to see if they’d stop me procrastinating

Once a procrastinator, always a procrastinator?

From today, you can get KFC delivered to your Edinburgh flat

Revision snack anyone?

Okay, I admit it – I just don’t get why people like the countryside

Is it such a crime to prefer civilisation over mother nature?

Edinburgh’s spiciest Singles of the Week

These pringles are ready to mingle

Whistle Stop Barber Shop selling 99p burgers this Tuesday

It’s first come first served, so sharpen your elbows

I tested some of Edinburgh’s most famous pizzerias to find the city’s best pizza

Someone had to do the research

Meet the hedgehog living in a flat of Edinburgh third years

He’s the perfect student pet

I get all my clothes from eBay and it’s so worth it

Here’s how you can do it too

Uni secrets all Edinburgh newcomers should know

’tis a campus full of mysteries

Justin Trudeau will be in Edinburgh this week

He’s got an appointment with the Queen at Holyrood

Edinburgh Uni reveals new library space monitoring technology

Apparently there are sensors in the desks

We asked a group of linguists to try and pronounce these Scottish words

Have you ever met a non-Scot who can pronounce the word ‘milngavie?’

The identity crisis of the semi-international student at Edinburgh


Why living in Deaconess really wasn’t that great

*whispers* sometimes I wish I’d gone to Pollock

I spent a day as a tourist in King’s Buildings

I learnt so many things

An ode to Luxembourg: Why it is the best place to grow up in

Yes, Luxembourgish is a real language

We asked the middle-class how well they’re coping with the courgette crisis

Is it really a big deal?