picky bits

Create your ultimate picky bits for tea, and we’ll tell you how posh you are

It’s time to hit the M&S deli section

Picky bits for tea, it’s a British institution and honestly one of the only things we can be proud. Every time the weather approaches anything close to sunny, your mum proclaims it is simply *too* hot to cook and you need to help yourself to picky bits from the fridge. Quiches, sausage rolls, carrot sticks and coleslaw galore. The summer months are spent piling up your plate with French bread, olives, meats and every cheese you’ve accumulated since the previous Christmas.

It’s a way of life, a cultural tradition and yet we all have very set ways of doing our picky bits for tea. Some people use what they find in the fridge and create a weird concoction, others head to M&S’s dedicated deli section and create a whole board display for their picky bits tea. The items and the way you prepare your picky bits ultimately says a lot about you, mainly how posh you are.

If you’re going for a fancy French cheese and truffle crisps then chances are you’re very posh. But if you opt for a classic cheddar and cocktail sausages, you’re incredibly normal.

So how posh are you based on your picky bits? Take our quiz to find out:

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