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Guys! Jason Oppenheim has a new model girlfriend who may appear on Selling Sunset

It’s been eight months since Jason and Chrishell split

Selling Sunset cast member Jason Oppenheim has a new girlfriend, Marie-Lou Nurk, following his split eight months ago from co-star Chrishell Stause.

Jason and Marie-Lou made their first public appearance yesterday on the red carpet for Netflix’s Day Shift. Jason hinted Marie-Lou may appear on Selling Sunset next season, which is currently being filmed.

The pair were first rumoured to be together last month after they were spotted kissing in Mykonos in Greece. Following his split from Chrishell in December last year, Jason said he would not be getting into another romantic relationship in an appearance on This Morning in June earlier this year.

He said: “I have no plans of filming another relationship… or being in one for that matter.”

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However, clearly something has changed and that something is Marie-Lou Nurk. This is everything you need to know about Marie-Lou:

She’s a model based in Paris

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French Marie-Lou currently works as a model and is signed to the agency Mega Model Agency, and is based in Paris.

Marie-Lou has been seeing Jason for over a month

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Though he previously said he didn’t want a relationship, Jason began getting to know Marie-Lou in Mykonos last month.

Marie-Lou appeared to be on the trip to Mykonos with her friends but was spotted kissing Jason outside a shopping centre on the island during her trip.

During her time in Mykonos Marie-Lou shared her first picture with Jason on her Instagram story.

She shared a picture of them together in front of a sunset with the caption: “Selling Sunset season six coming soon.”

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Last night ahead of the premiere Jason shared a number of pictures of the two of them getting ready together on his Instagram Story. And after the premiere Marie-Lou shared a picture on her story of the two of them holding hands.

She has over 7,000 followers on Instagram

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Marie-Lou has a pretty small Instagram following of 7,200 people and regularly posts incredible pictures of herself.

She also appears to be a keen traveller with many Instagram Story Highlights dedicated to the locations she’s been to including Ibiza, Greece, New York, Lisbon and Barcelona.

Marie-Lou is not currently followed by any of the Selling Sunset cast apart from Jason, but she does follow Jason’s twin brother Brett.

Marie-Lou might appear on Selling Sunset

Though previously against filming another relationship, Jason said at the premiere last night Marie-Lou may appear on the next season of Selling Sunset, which is currently being filmed.

When asked about the possibility by Entertainment Tonight, Jason said: “I hope so. We’re talking about it.” And Marie-Lou added: “Yes, like a little scene.”

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