Take this quiz to see how much of a snowflake you really are

Piers Morgan, this one’s for you

Netflix’s latest reality show, Snowflake Mountain, sees a group of spoiled millennials aka snowflakes, taken away from all their home comforts, luxuries, and doting parents, to get a taste of the real world by sending them up a mountain to learn how to survive in the wilderness. Basically, it’s every boomer’s fantasy.

The show features a number of contestants from across the world, who are all typically “snowflake” in their behaviour – they give up at the first sign of hardship, the cry when they lose their makeup, and the idea of sleeping in a tent is absolutely hell to them.

And whilst you may laugh watching the show, thinking you could never be as sensitive and whiny as those influencers, we actually have to admit that sometimes we are all a little bit snow-flakey.

But just how much of a snowflake are you actually? Well we’ve created a quiz which will tell you that exactly. Questions about trigger warnings and pronouns, will determine if you should be best mates with Piers Morgan or if you should consider signing up for Snowflake Mountain season two.

To see how much of a snowflake you are, take our quiz now:

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