Here are all the exact filming locations used for Snowflake Mountain on Netflix

Less luxury villa in Mexico, more muddy woods in England x

I’m not ashamed to say I’m hooked on the latest trashy reality TV show Netflix has served up to us. Snowflake Mountain sees a bunch of young people tricked into thinking they’re heading to a luxury resort for a TV show, but they’re actually on a survival retreat in the middle of nowhere. Watching them get shocked by their surroundings and realising what’s actually going on might have had you wondering about where the filming locations for Snowflake Mountain actually are, and where the cast ended up.

Snowflake Mountain was filmed across the Lake District, in the UK. The Lake District is a region and national park in Cumbria in northwest England. It’s known for its mountains, stunning lakes, forests and historic literary associations.

Here is a rundown of the exact filming locations used for Snowflake Mountain on Netflix.

The filming locations of Snowflake Mountain on Netflix

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The main base of all the Snowflake Mountain filming locations was The Graythwaite Estate in the Lake District

According to The Cinemaholic, a large section of the filming for the show took place at The Graythwaite Estate, in the Lake District. This is a private estate with several luxury holiday cottages across its impressive stretch of land. The Lake District is a huge tourist attraction, and this estate boasts its very own forest, lakeside and woodland. This is where the production team set up the camp for the “snowflakes” to live. Unfortunately, they weren’t quite in a plush holiday cottage.

The Graythwaite Estate is family run, and set across 5,000 acres of land. You can go glamping here (the cast definitely did not), and host weddings and events. It’s home to the Sandys family, who have lived at the Estate for over 500 years, since the first Graythwaite Hall was built.

The filming locations of Snowflake Mountain on Netflix

The Snowflake Mountain camp, via Netflix

Other parts were filmed in the Lake District National Park

Lots of the challenges and daytime task scenes in Snowflake Mountain were filmed across the Lake District National Park. The National Park includes all of the central Lake District, and was designated a national park on May 9th, 1951. It is the most visited national park in the UK, with 16.4million visitors per year.

The filming locations of Snowflake Mountain on Netflix

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Let’s just say, it’s the perfect place for the cast to be at one with nature and learn what it’s like to be away from the luxuries and out in the wilderness.

The landscape of the Lake District makes it the perfect place for filming a show like Snowflake Mountain, and locations across the region have been used in countless films and TV shows before. Other shows and films that have been set there include Paddington 2, The Witcher, The A Word, and episodes of The Great British Bake Off and Coronation Street have visited there.

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