made in chelsea flat trashed

A TikToker has claimed a Made in Chelsea cast member trashed her house whilst renting

‘She had broken pretty much every plate I owned and my washing machine’

A TikToker and artist Phaedra, who goes by the TikTok username @Phaedraphas, claims an unidentified female Made in Chelsea cast member trashed her flat and caused disruption for the neighbours whilst she rented out the property.

Phaedra uploaded her TikTok on 26th August and captioned the video: “the time I rented my flat to a cast member of Made in Chelsea and it turned into a f*cking nightmare.” In the video she details the problems she had with the Made in Chelsea tenant and the video has now been viewed nearly 50,000 times.

@phaedrap #storytime the most stressful part of the lead up to my wedding was dealing with this bonfaide lunatic from #madeinchelsea ♬ Relaxed everyday loop BGM – Milk

She began the video by sharing screenshots of texts from her neighbour who complained about the noise coming from her property which was occupied by the Made in Chelsea cast member.

The neighbour said: “Hi mate, sorry to trouble you so late. Can you have a word with the [blank] tenant that is renting your place as I am/we are being kept up by the during the night. It’s started again about 45 minutes ago and it’s keeping the kids awake. Thanks.”

Phaedra then inquired what the source of the noise was and the neighbour said: “The girls seems to live during the night and mostly loud voices and laughter. Also outside in the back with door open.”

The tenant then later refused to allow access for emergency work to take place at the neighbour’s property. They sent a text to Phaedra asking for the date to be changed.

Phaedra replied saying: “No, its today as that’s the time all my neighbours have agreed on. If you can’t open the garden gate I’m sure he can access using his ladder.”

The tenant then refused and said the worker would be trespassing: “Sorry it’s just not possible . Please give me at least 48 hours notice thanks. In a meeting will drop you a text later to arrange

“We didn’t agree it should’ve been checked first also with us/confirmed for next time then we won’t have problems. We will ask him to leave if does w/o we didn’t and that’s trespassing.”

Phaedra then shared a text reminding the Made in Chelsea cast member, that under tenant law landlords are allowed emergency access and she had in fact told the tenant weeks ago about the work taking place.

Phaedra went onto share screenshots of texts from her neighbour who claimed the cast member had returned home at 5am one day and slammed the doors of the property, making a lot of noise. They also shared images of a mess in the garden, with rubbish bags open and said they had asked them to clean up.

The neighbour texted Phaedra saying they would be reporting the cast member to AirBnB for antisocial behaviour, drugs and noise.

Phaedra also shared a text claiming to be from the cast member who said they had lost the keys and the neighbour told Phaedra the door had been left open for hours.

Following these incidents Phaedra asked the cast member to vacate the property which required a lot of back and forth with the Made in Chelsea cast member who refused to leave without being refunded upfront with her security deposit included as well.

Phaedra’s husband stepped into help the process, however the tenant refused to speak to him regarding the situation and accused him of harassment.

Once they had eventually left Phaedra showed the state the flat was left which she claims was full of cigarette butts in her bed, her plates and washing machine were broken, her fridge was left in a horrific state and the tenant had left a vibrator on her bed.

She said: “When we finally did get her out she had left the flat in such a state. I didn’t photograph too much of it as it was too upsetting but there were cigarette and spliff ends tucked down the side of the bed. Cigarettes in my dishwasher filter. She had broken pretty much every plate I owned and broken my washing machine. And look at my fridge, how do you even get a fridge this gross?”

The comment section of the video was full of people trying to guess who the tenant was, but Phaedra has not clarified if the tenant was a former or current female cast member.

Lottie Moss, who appears to be close to Phaedra, commented on the TikTok saying: “Oh my god Phaedra!!!!” and many other users commented saying how sorry they were for Phaedra.

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