Ok, let’s be real do you consider these 27 things to be an ick?

Just how normal are your icks?

We all have icks, some people even have full on ick lists in their phone. Those little things people do that really rub you up the wrong and definitely put you off dating someone if they display the certain behaviour that gives you the ick. But just how normal are your icks?

There are certain icks which are pretty universal, being rude to waiters or bad hygiene. If you don’t find those things an ick then there’s definitely something wrong with you.

But then there are certain icks which are pretty specific to the individual. Some people find talking about horoscopes on a first date the quickest way to put them off a second date, whereas for others a first date isn’t complete without knowing if they’re sat across the table from a scorpio. For some people watching a grown adult drink a glass of milk is enough of a reason to dump them, whereas others may join in and share the glass of milk. Gross.

We all have our slightly odd icks, so where do you fall on this spectrum of normal to unusual icks? Take our icks poll to find out:

Is this thing an ick for you?

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