love island couples instagram followers

This is which couple will win Love Island, based on their combined Instagram followers

And the answer may surprise you

The Love Island final is within touching distance, airing on Monday next week, but of the six couples still left, who will make it the top spot and bag the full £50,000?

The official winner is decided by a public vote which takes place on the Love Island app. However, as we all know a real indiction of your popularity is to look at Instagram followers. If you’ve got the most followers surely that will translate into getting more votes.

So if we’re only going off of Instagram followers, then these are the Love Island couples ranked by who has the best chance of winning, based on their combined followers:

6. Danica and Jamie – 263,000 followers

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Love Island’s newest couple is Danica Taylor and Jamie Allen who only coupled up a few days ago, after Jamie entered the villa last week.

Right now, the couple is the least popular on Instagram with a combined following of 263,000 people. The majority of these followers also come from Danica’s account, which has 245,000 followers and Jamie has 18,000. I love you Danica, but your chances aren’t looking good.

5. Tasha and Andrew – 674,000 followers

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Boy have these two been on a wild ride as a couple. They were coupled up on day one by the public and have since become boyfriend and girlfriend, but in between that there were a lot of tears, breakups, and the occasional tit lick, or whatever.

They’re currently the fifth most popular couple on Instagram with a combined following of 674,000 people. Tasha is currently the more popular of the two with 429,000 followers and Andrew has 245,000.

4. Indiyah and Dami – 675,000 followers

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Dami and Indiyah have had a rather unconventional Love Island journey. They started the series together as friends, before coupling up and making us all believe in true love. And then of course Casa Amor happened, and we all know how that worked out. However, the couple are now back together and seem pretty loved up, even making it exclusive in the last week.

They’re currently the fourth most popular Love Island couple on Instagram, just narrowly beating Tasha and Andrew with a combined following of 675,000 people. Indiyah is the more popular of the pair with 428,000 followers. Dami is currently on 247,000 followers.

3. Gemma and Luca – 1,786,000 followers

love island couples instagram followers

via ITV2

Gemma and Luca have been together since the first week in the villa and whilst they’ve said “I love you” already, they’re not in an “official” relationship and recently have been having a few challenges.

It may surprise people to know that Gemma and Luca are in fact only the third most popular couple on Instagram with a combined following of 1,786,000 followers. Gemma is the more popular of the two with 1 million followers and Luca is currently on 786,000 followers.

2. Ekin-Su and Davide – 1,838,000 followers

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They’re the mum and dad of the villa and whilst they may argue every single day, for some reason we all can’t get enough of Ekin-Su and Davide’s fiery relationship. They got together during the early stages of the show, however their relationship was tested by the arrival of Jay and *that* terrace kiss. Now, they’re exclusive and seem to be pretty happy together.

Right now Ekin-Su is the most popular Islander in the villa with a following of 1,200,000 people. However, as Davide is only on 638,000 followers, they’re the second most popular couple on Instagram with a combined following of 1,838,000.

1. Paige and Adam – 1,859,000 followers

love island couples instagram followers

via ITV2

Adam and Paige are still a relatively new couple who got together after Adam surprised everyone by entering the villa for a second time. They’re now exclusive and actually seem pretty cute together.

The couple are currently the most popular on Instagram with a combined following of 1,859,000 people. Adam has the slightly bigger following of 1,000,000 people thanks to his previous appearance on the show, but Paige is close behind with 859,000 followers. If Instagram followers are an indicator of popularity then Adam and Paige have the win in the bag.

All follower counts correct at time of publishing.

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