jacques mocking tasha

Jacques is being dragged for mocking Tasha in the Love Island final in new leaked video

Tasha’s dad has replied to the video

Former Love Island contestant Jacques O’Neill is being dragged on Twitter after a previously unseen video was shared of him mocking Tasha Ghouri during the Love Island final.

In the clip, which was shared on Twitter last night and believed to be from a private Instagram story, Jacques is seen mocking Tasha whilst she is speaking during her and Andrew’s speeches to each other.

Jacques said: “You are a liar, actress, get the fuck out,” and laughed at the camera whilst filming himself.

Since the video was released 12 hours ago it has been viewed over 250,000 times and attracted a number of comments from people condemning his behaviour.

One Twitter user said: “And this is exactly why I never felt sorry for him, immature wee idiot crying mental health when everything that happened was his own fault anyways but happy to bash other people on the same tv show he claimed was “too much” for him 🙂 ? donut.”

And another said: “And people wonder why Tasha was crying a lot in the villa? She was under constant pressure by the bullies Jacques Luca and Dami. She couldn’t stand up to them because they were friends with everyone. She had this crap everyday.”

One person who also joined the conversation was Tasha’s dad Tarek Ghouri who replied to the original video saying “Some people grow and mature from their Island experience, some don’t. It is what it is.”

Earlier today Jacques appeared on ITV’s Good Morning Britain where he shared his thoughts on his time in the Love Island villa, which he decided to leave half way through the series.

During his interview he said he was “scared for life” after leaving and was receiving death threats from viewers of the show.

He said: “When I first came out it was very different for me, I was scared of life and what was to come next for me. When I was in the holding villa I just wanted my mum. We were getting death threats. I thought to myself I’m going to delete social media.”

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Jacques continued, saying he wants to be a role model for kids with ADHD, which he was diagnosed with aged nine, and wants to focus on putting a smile on people’s faces now he’s left the villa.

He said: “With me I’m very like … I deal with everything, it’s not about ADHD. We struggle, people with ADHD will understand me, we struggle a lot different to someone without ADHD.

“My plan moving forward is to work with kids with ADHD disabilities. A lot of people come out thinking about money but if I can put a smile one someone’s face it makes my day.”

The Tab has contacted Jacques’ representative for comment.

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