kylie jenner private jet

Kylie Jenner is getting absolutely roasted over her private jet Instagram post

‘Yess let’s pollute the earth together 😍😍😍😍’

Kylie Jenner is being slammed online following her recent Instagram post where she appears to brag about herself and Travis Scott each having a private jet.

Over the weekend Kylie posted a black and white photograph of herself and partner Travis kissing in front of two private jets. She captioned the post: “you wanna take mine or yours?”.

via Instagram @kyliejenner

The post has since been liked over 7 million times and received many comments from her friends and family including her mum Kris Jenner who commented: “Decisions Decisions 👑👑”.

However her post has also received many comments from followers criticising her use of a private jet because of the impact it could have on the environment by increasing carbon emissions.

One user commented: “Whos plane should we pollute the earth today” and another said: “Aww true love really is killing the planet one pointless private jet flight after another…”.

People also highlighted out all the small changes they were making in their own lives to help the environment such as using paper straws feel pointless when they see posts like Kylie’s.

Other people commented saying Kylie’s post just reminded them of how poor they are, one person commented: “Meanwhile I’m just trying to fill up my gas tank 🥴.”

Not everyone has been hating on the post and some have even been commenting “goals” which others on Twitter have been calling out.

One user on Twitter wrote: “Can people not comment “goals” under Kylie Jenner’s very tone deaf picture about taking out a private jet for a short trip?! Like what is goals about that? Polluting the earth and not giving a damn about our planet?! I swear when they say Eat the Rich, they mean the Kardashians.”

Kylie hasn’t addressed the controversy around her post and instead has carried on posting including promotion for her children’s skincare line. However, comments on the post have now been limited.

Travis didn’t share the same photo and has also not commented on the backlash.

Featured image credit via Instagram @kyliejenner

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