Let’s get real, would you make it out of Casa Amor and into the main villa?

I’m stepping on everyone’s toes

The greatest part of any Love Island season is undoubtedly Casa Amor. The mid-season challenge brings chaos, uncouplings, and 12 new Islanders hungry to get a place in the main villa and become Love Island legends. And some do. Who could forget that Casa Amor 2019 brought us the arrival of Ovie? However, for the majority of Casa Amor contestants they get a few minutes on TV, a cheeky snog, and a one way ticket back to Gatwick.

So how would you do in Casa Amor? Would you manage to have one of the original Islanders fall head over heels for you? Or would you be relegated to the friend-zone before you’d even had a chance to crack on?

Well we’ve designed a quiz to see if you would make it all the way into the main villa. By answering 10 questions on classic Casa Amor behaviours you’ll find out your fate. Are you going to end up like Ovie? Or will people have forgotten your name before you even step on the plane home?

Take this quiz to see if you’d make it out of Casa Amor and into the main villa:

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