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A bespoke dress and checking out £500k venues: The details of Jamie and Sophie’s wedding

Sophie revealed the date of their upcoming wedding on live TV

In December last year Made in Chelsea cast members Jamie Laing and Sophie Habboo announced their engagement, after Jamie proposed to Sophie nearly two years after they started dating. Since their engagement, they have been sharing plenty of details of their upcoming wedding, including where it’s going to be, how much of a groomzilla Jamie is and even the date.

Following their engagement the couple launched their podcast called “NearlyWeds” where they speak about their wedding planning, interview other couples and answer listener questions.

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So far they’ve given away quite a few hints about their wedding during various interviews and this is everything they’ve revealed so far:

The wedding is next year

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Jamie and Sophie recently appeared on Good Morning Britain where they were speaking to hosts Richard Madeley and Kate Garraway about their wedding.

Richard asked the couple when they were getting married and Sophie promptly said: “May 19th next year,” completely shocking Jamie who was flabbergasted at Sophie revealing the date.

Sophie’s parents are footing the bill

In an interview with Nick Grimshaw and Angela Hartnett on the Dish podcast, Jamie revealed Sophie’s parents, Patrique Habboo and Sarah Wigley, would be paying for the wedding.

He said: “I want the big wedding. And her parents are paying for it. It’s a great combo.”

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Sophie’s dad Patrique is a company director of two London based businesses and her mum Sarah is the director of a property management company.

The wedding is in Spain and Sophie wanted a £500k venue

During their appearance on Good Morning Britain the couple said they were getting married in Spain and Jamie was very excited about the prospect of walking down the aisle first.

He said: “And in Spain, I found out that actually the groom can walk down the aisle first. Because I want that moment when the doors open, and everyone goes… I’m going to go… This is the greatest show! As Zac Efron.”

sophie habboo jamie laing wedding

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The pair has gone onto explain in their podcast Sophie had a particular venue in mind, but it was practically impossible to have the wedding there as it was too expensive and there would be no seats for the guests.

Sophie said on the podcast: “I’m being such a good bride and I’m taking it on the chin that my dream venue can’t – for many reasons – be accessible.”

Jamie went onto explain this was because the venue was quoted at half a million pounds to use and “it cost so much money, and they said the only way they could do it is if we brought the guests out, the guest list was going to be about 50 people.”

Sophie protested the venue could have worked “if we ate off plastic plates,” that’s not very Made in Chelsea Sophie. Jamie continued saying the venue “didn’t even come with tablecloths!”

The couple revealed they are flying out to Malaga to find a different wedding venue (hopefully with a smaller price tag).

Sophie hasn’t seen her dress yet

When they appeared on Good Morning Britain Sophie was asked about her dress and said she hadn’t actually seen it yet as it was still being designed by wedding dress designer Emma Beaumont.

She said: “If I’m honest I haven’t actually seen the dress or tried it on. I’ve got a lovely lady Emma Beaumont making it for me, and we’re yet to get a date for when I try it on.”

Emma has been designing wedding dresses for nearly 10 years and creates bespoke one of a kind designs inspired by the bride.

They’re having a signature wedding scent

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I’m sorry but this is the boujiest thing ever. Jamie and Sophie said on their podcast they were looking to find a signature scent for their wedding.

When they appeared on GMB they revealed they had gone for poppy fields as it reminded Sophie of her mum and orange blossom because it reminded her of her dad. Jamie then explained the scent was called “Regret”. Um, sure.

Jamie wanted a joint stag and hen do

Sophie revealed on Good Morning Britain she would be having her bachelorette party in Ibiza next year, however Jamie added that he wanted them to have it together as his stag do was going to be quite tame.

He said: “Stag dos are a tricky one, I’m in my 30s now so stag dos used to be this thing where guys go a bit wild, but for me it’s going to be very tame. I had an idea to do it together.”

Sorry Jamie, but I think Sophie is definitely jetting off to Ibiza and leaving you at home.

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