Made in Chelsea love lives: Who all the current cast are dating on and off the show

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This season of Made in Chelsea has been a buffet of chaos. It truly has been up there with the old-school episodes of the show for how wild it is. In the latest episodes we’ve seen relationships break down, marriage on the cards, huge fights and even cheating scandals being found out. The love lives of the Made in Chelsea cast members is hot topic, and there’s a lot going on.

Given all the drama right now, you probably need a little recap of who is dating who, who is seeing someone outside the show and who is breaking up. Here is a simple rundown of the love lives of all the current Made in Chelsea cast members, and anyone not on this list is believed to be single. But who knows, come back in a day or two and this list might have been updated with some new shocking news – anything goes with this lot.

Ollie Locke and Gareth Locke

The love lives of the Made in Chelsea cast members and who they are currently dating

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These days, Ollie and Gareth Locke are the backbone of Made in Chelsea, and their relationship is the only comforting and peaceful part of the show. They reportedly started dating in 2018, having known each other for 10 years. Just a few months after confirming their relationship, the pair got engaged.

Ollie and Gareth had the first ever Made in Chelsea wedding which was shown on the show, and if you didn’t shed a tear you’re lying. The couple tied the knot in November 2020, in an enviably beautiful ceremony at London’s Natural History Museum with just 13 guests. Included in the guest list was Binky, Liv Bentley and Sophie Hermann.

Sophie Habboo and Jamie Laing

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Jamie and Habbs are both favourite Made in Chelsea cast members, and dated a few other people on the show before settling down together. Sophie still appears on the show, but Jamie quit last year. They made their relationship official in April 2019 and have now announced their engagement.

Since sharing their news, they’ve launched a podcast together called Nearly Weds, but they sadly turned down the offer to be the second couple to film their wedding day for the show. They are planning a wedding abroad next year, and in an interview, Jamie said he is “parking” reality TV, with Sophie adding “it is a day for us and our family and friends.”

James Taylor and Maeva D’Ascanio

The love lives of the Made in Chelsea cast members and who they are currently dating

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Could we have the next Made in Chelsea wedding on our hands with James and Maeva? I really hope for Maeva’s sake that we do. Maeva and James got together in the summer of 2019, and have been our favourite agents of MIC chaos ever since. They now live together in Chelsea, and Maeva is more than ready to settle down and get married.

No major spoilers, but the most recent episodes have seen Maeva get too bored of waiting for James so proposing herself, and Miles crying and asking her to give their relationship another go. Honestly, who knows how this one is going to end up.

Reza Amiri-Garroussi and Ruby Adler

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Yes, after everything that happened last season, Reza and Ruby are now back together. The couple had been dating for ten years, but broke up briefly last year, following all the drama we saw on the show between them.

Ruby previously said on the show she didn’t want to be Rez with him anymore, but it had nothing to do with her friendship with Miles. “My breakup of however many years with the man I love so much has nothing to do with Miles, he’s been a good friend,” she said. Reza had previously been accused of messaging other girls, and the pair were quick to unfollow each other on Instagram after news of their breakup became official.

Miles famously told Ruby a couple of times to “hurry up and breakup with your boyfriend” which didn’t exactly go down well, and more than hinted that he was after Ruby for himself. Buuuuut, now Miles is single and Ruby and Reza are back on.

Inga Valentiner and Sam Prince

The love lives of the Made in Chelsea cast members and who they are currently dating

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Inga and Sam have got together quite recently on the show. Inga joined Made in Chelsea in 2021, with Sam returning to the show shortly after. In the same series Inga joined the cast, it was revealed she and Sam Prince had been dating. On the show right now it looks as though their relationship could be rocky, and they appear to have unfollowed each other on social media.

Robbie Mullett and Joel Mignott

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Joel Mignott has been introduced to the show this season as dating fellow cast member, Robbie Mullet. Robbie joined the show last year and was introduced as being best friends with Paris Smith. Robbie is a law student in London and Joel is a model and DJ.

Joel and Robbie met at a club in London and Robbie describes Joel as a “party animal” but says he calms him down in their relationship.

Paris Smith and Cillian Hilliard

The love lives of the Made in Chelsea cast members and who they are currently dating

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In the last season of Made in Chelsea, Paris Smith said she was dating someone new and brought him onto the show. He hasn’t appeared in newer episodes, but it is believed they are still together. Cillian Hilliard was born in Dublin, but moved to London during lockdown.

Cillian works in investment banking and venture capital, and is listed as an Investment Director at Kennet Partners, covering the UK and Europe. He also owns his own jewellery company, called Dana Project.

Tiffany Watson

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Tiffany Watson is currently engaged to footballer Cameron McGeehan, who hasn’t yet appeared on the show. In a picture from a romantic trip to Paris, she confirmed the happy news, saying she feels “like the luckiest and happiest girl ever”. The couple were first believed to be dating in summer 2020 and moved in together in early 2021.

27-year-old Cameron is a professional footballer who plays as a midfielder for Belgian First Division A club Oostende. He represented Northern Ireland at youth level, playing for the under-17, under-19 and under-21 teams. He began his youth career at Fulham, before joining Chelsea and later Norwich City.

Emily Blackwell and Harvey Armstrong

The love lives of the Made in Chelsea cast members and who they are currently dating

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I have to mention these two at the end because they have literally JUST split up, right before our very eyes. They’ve let us see right into their love lives on Made in Chelsea, and it has seen their relationship break down over cheating allegations. Harvey has been accused of sleeping with someone else after a party, with a photo showing him cosied up to the girl on question on a sofa.

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Emily and Harvey are reported to have split up in February, after two years together.

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