Meet Cillian Hilliard: The Irish grad and jewellery maker who’s just joined Made in Chelsea

Oh you think he seems posh? That’s because he is darling

At the end of Made in Chelsea last week, we were given a little teaser that there was going to be someone new joining the cast this week – and that person is Cillian Hilliard. Paris said she had been dating someone called Cillian and he was going to be joining them, and it actually looks like the pair might have hit it off.

So, ahead of him joining the show, here’s everything we know about Made in Chelsea newbie, Cillian. Prepare: He is just as posh as you’d expect an MIC cast member to be.

Everything you need to know about Cillian Hilliard who has just joined Made in Chelsea

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New Made in Chelsea cast member Cillian is Irish and works as a jewellery maker

Cillian was born in Dublin, but according to the Irish Examiner, moved to London during lockdown. “I moved to London about a year ago, in November of 2020,” he told the publication. “It was a little bit surreal because when I moved over everything was totally locked down. It felt like I hadn’t even moved because I didn’t see any of London City whatsoever.”

He goes on to say he’s always been a big fan of the show, and he began filming to star in it himself in October this year. “It was something I’ve never done before,” he said. “I wasn’t used to a filming set whatsoever but it was a lot of fun. It’s quite nerve-wracking for the first five minutes and then after that is pretty easy, you just chat away. There’s no script to follow so it’s a lot easier than if you asked me to act, which would be a bit of a disaster. It’s my very first foray into television and it was a great experience to go through.”

Cillian works in investment banking and venture capital, and is listed as an Investment Director at Kennet Partners, covering the UK and Europe. He also owns his own jewellery company, called Dana Project. The company is based in Ireland, and makes fine jewellery which is then shipped all over the world.

He’s dating Made in Chelsea co-star, Paris Smith

In a teaser for the latest episode of Made in Chelsea, Paris Smith says she has been dating Cillian, before introducing him to some fellow cast mates. And if Instagram is anything to go by, the couple are still a thing. He posted a cute picture of them together, captioned: “Look up to your heroes”.

Everything you need to know about Cillian Hilliard who has just joined Made in Chelsea

via Instagram @cilliard

Speaking about his relationship and moving to London, in an interview he said: “I’ve made lots of friends and met Paris, which has been amazing.” He said he has gifted Paris some of the luxury jewellery his company makes, so it really must be the real deal.

Before joining Made in Chelsea, Cillian went to uni in Dublin

According to LinkedIn, Cillian studied at the University College Dublin between 2010 and 2014. He left with a First Class Honours in Economics and Finance.

Everything you need to know about Cillian Hilliard who has just joined Made in Chelsea

via Instagram @cilliard

Cillian has 1,300 followers on Instagram

Right now, Cillian has 1,300 followers on Instagram, which will probably rise if he becomes a regular fixture on Made in Chelsea. He mainly posts pictures of him out and about at fancy bars and restaurants in London (typical) as well as a few posts about his business. His handle is @cilliard. 

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