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Former Love Is Blind cast member sues Netflix over ‘inhumane working conditions’

He claims he was deprived of food and water during filming

A former Love Is Blind season two cast member has sued Netflix over “inhumane working conditions” claiming he was deprived of food and water, and encouraged to drink alcohol on an empty stomach.

Jeremy Hartwell, who was only in the show for the first week, has filed a lawsuit against Netflix, production company Kinetic Content and Kinetic’s casting company Delirium TV.

Hartwell alleges the cast were made to wait hours for food and water during their first 24 hours of filming and were encouraged to drink on an empty stomach.

In the lawsuit he said: “The combination of sleep deprivation, isolation, lack of food, and an excess of alcohol all either required, enabled or encouraged by defendants contributed to inhumane working conditions and altered mental state for the cast.

“At times, defendants left members of the cast alone for hours at a time with no access to a phone, food, or any other type of contact with the outside world until they were required to return to working on the production.”

Jeremy in the trailer for Love Is Blind

Hartwell also alleged the contestants were paid $1,000 a week and worked 20 hour days, seven days a week, which works out to $7.14 per hour

In a statement given to Variety, Kinetic said there was no merit to Hartwell’s claims and they would be defending the claims.

They said: “Mr. Hartwell’s involvement in Season 2 of ‘Love is Blind’ lasted less than one week. Unfortunately, for Mr. Hartwell, his journey ended early after he failed to develop a significant connection with any other participant.

“While we will not speculate as to his motives for filing the lawsuit, there is absolutely no merit to Mr. Hartwell’s allegations, and we will vigorously defend against his claims.”

The Tab has reached out to Netflix and Kinetic for comment.

Hartwell’s lawyer told CNN the lack of food and water caused the cast members to be “hungry for social connections and altered their emotions and decision-making.”

During his interview with CNN Hartwell said he wasn’t making the claim for money or exposure but for justice, “I strongly feel that these practices are wrong and they need to change. And the reason why I am making these efforts with this lawsuit is I’m hoping this becomes a catalyst for these changes, so that future reality TV cast members don’t have to go through this.”

On his Instagram yesterday Hartwell reiterated what he had said in the lawsuit in a video post.

Hartwell’s fellow Love Is Blind cast members Danielle Ruhl Thompson and Nick Thompson both commented on Hartwell’s post.

Danielle commented: “Proud of u” and Nick said: “Keep speaking your truths! Integrity always wins in the end.”

The Tab has contacted Netflix for comment. 

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