Introducing Nicole Berry: The Canadian model who’s just joined Made in Chelsea

Are we surprised she’s a 10/10 model who travels the world?

Made in Chelsea is back for what feels like season a million. After filming at a few posh country houses during lockdown, the show is back in Chelsea, where it should be, and the cast are doing what they do best – being rich in the capital, arguing and going to fancy events and brunches. Ah, the sweet and cosy feeling of home. But one thing that’s new about Made in Chelsea this time around is a new cast member –  enter the chat model Nicole India Berry.

She’s come into the show straight in at the deep end – flirting with Tristan whilst Liv is around is a dangerous business, and to be honest, rather her than me. So who is Made in Chelsea newbie, Nicole? Here’s everything you need to know about her.

Made in Chelsea series 22 new cast member Nicole Berry is a model from Canada

via Instagram @nicoleindiaberry

Made in Chelsea newbie Nicole Berry is a model and from Canada

When she joined Made in Chelsea, Nicole India Berry said she isn’t from Chelsea, but is actually from Toronto, Canada. She is currently working as a model, signed to multiple agencies around the world. Nicole is signed to The Four Models in Manchester, LinkModels International in London and Europe, B&M Models, which is based in Toronto, Canada and also to Select in LA and Miami. So yeah, it looks like her modelling keeps her busy!

Made in Chelsea series 22 new cast member Nicole Berry is a model from Canada

via Instagram @nicoleindiaberry

Nicole looks like she’ll bring some drama to Made in Chelsea series 22

In the first episode of the new series, we saw Nicole on a night out with some of the boys. From there, it’s clear she’s going to head on a few dates with Tristan – who has just broken things off with Olivia Bentley. Olivia and Tristan have broken up a couple of times on the show, and have had a few heated arguments and a very fiery relationship – so no surprises if Nicole and Liv don’t end up being besties.

It looks as though Nicole is going to be a permanent Made in Chelsea fixture for at least this season, as in a teaser trailer for future episodes she’s seen attending lots of the Chelsea events and parties. Liv was shown rolling her eyes at Tristan bringing Nicole as a date to a party, so yes, the drama is coming.

She has 25.7k followers on Instagram

Made in Chelsea series 22 new cast member Nicole Berry is a model from Canada

via Instagram @nicoleindiaberry

Currently, Nicole has 25.7k followers on Instagram. She has a few MIC followers – including Ruby Adler, Julius Cowdrey, Maeva D’Ascanio, Inga Valentiner and Paris Smith. Nicole follows Liv Bentley, but she doesn’t follow her back. Yikes.

Nicole is clearly a lover of travel, having only recently checked into Paris, Mykonos, Rome, the Amalfi Coast, Bali and Croatia. Pretty much all of her Instagram posts are holiday pictures. She also shares loads of pictures of her out for drinks and meals, modelling shots and her out at galleries. Her handle is @nicoleindiaberry.

Made in Chelsea continues at 9pm on Mondays on E4. 

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