Inside MIC fav Olivia Bentley’s enviable life: From huge family wealth to luxury holidays

I’d love a slice of this, please

Olivia “Liv” Bentley has solidified herself as a Made in Chelsea legend. She’s one of the only cast members who have been knocking around for years now, and she’s always right in the middle of the huge drama and storylines in the show.

Liv has been in MIC since 2016, but what is her life like outside of the series? Is it all champagne brunches and trips to countryside estates? I mean, in short yes, but Liv also has a huge amount of things going on in her life outside of the little Made in Chelsea bubble.

Here is everything you need to know about Made in Chelsea star Olivia Bentley and her incredible life. Try your best to read through the tears of jealousy.

Made in Chelsea star Olivia Bentley is 27 and was born in Oxfordshire

Olivia Liv Bentley from Made in Chelsea

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Olivia Bentley is 27, and whilst she is definitely Chelsea posh, she’s not actually from there. She was born and grew up in Oxfordshire. She has three sisters, Kinvara Bentley, Athena Bentley and Cordelia Bentley. Athena and Cordelia are both younger sisters, and Kinvara is one year older than Olivia.

Olivia’s parents are Keven Bentley and Kate Bentley, who have appeared on the show a number of times. According to LinkedIn, Kevin Bentley is the Managing Director at Bentley Group – which is a plumbing, heating and electrical company. Her old family estate in Oxfordshire went on the market not so long ago for £50million. Yes, £50million.

Liv attended Bradfield College, the same exclusive boarding school as some of her fellow Made in Chelsea co-stars. The school is in Reading and for a student to board there it costs £38,850 a year.

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So, is Olivia the heir to Bentley Motors or?

It’s a real grey area about if she’s actually the heir to Bentley Motors. Liv has herself claimed she is, and has said she’s the great-great-great granddaughter of the founder of Bentley Motors, but the company itself has denied it. Weird? Yes. Awkward? Extremely.

Olivia Bentley is currently dating fellow Made in Chelsea cast member Tristan Phipps

Olivia Liv Bentley from Made in Chelsea

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Right now, Liv is in a relationship with Tristan Phipps, but their journey together has been full of ups and downs to say the least. On the show we’ve seen them argue, breakup and get back together many, many times.

After he broke up with Verity, Tristan and Olivia announced they were an item, in 2020. They moved in together, but by 2021 had split up. They said living together in the pandemic had been a strain on their relationship. Tristan was then briefly seeing Made in Chelsea newbie, Nicole Berry. However, over summer this year, Liv and Tristan announced they are officially back on.

In the past, Liv has dated a few other Made in Chelsea co-stars. She was seeing Francis Boulle in series 12, dated Fredrik Ferrier, and had a longer relationship with Digby Edgley.

She has her own business and is a photographer

It’s not just Made in Chelsea that Liv does for work, she’s also a photographer and has her own business. Liv is co-founder of JOMO London, which stands for Joy Of Missing Out. It’s a personal self-care brand, with an ethos of empowerment and confidence. She founded the brand alongside make-up artist, Bella Campbell. The brand stocks CBD infused arousal oil.

Olivia also works as a nude photographer. As well as this, she does a lot of work on the side as an influencer. Her Instagram contains a lot of adverts and collabs with brands such as Love Honey, health and vitamin brands, and jewellery and perfume companies.

via Instagram @oliviabentleyk

Olivia Bentley is worth a cool £1.1million

Through her business, photography work, influencing career and TV appearances, Liv has earned herself an impressive net worth of around £1.1million.

She’s always been very open about having alopecia

Liv has said before that she started to notice she was losing her hair at the age of 16, when she began taking the contraceptive pill. In an interview she said she has always had fine hair, but on a holiday noticed a clump had come out whilst brushing it. She has had visible bald patches and said she tried to bleach her hair to make these less obvious, which made her hair condition even worse.

She visited a doctor, who diagnosed her with alopecia, and said it may have been brought on by the pill. In recent years, she has ditched the wigs she was used to wearing to hide her condition, and has said she is much more comfortable in herself.

“This is the longest I’ve gone without wearing it [her wig],” Liv told Fabulous Magazine in 2021. “The wig was a protective thing and I wouldn’t go anywhere without it. If I ever went away, I’d have a lot of anxiety that I hadn’t packed it, but life is so much more comfortable now. It was like wearing a woolly hat all the time. I remember filming some days in the heat with sweat dripping down my face. Not having to deal with that any more feels liberating.”

Olivia has 531k Instagram followers, and her profile will make you want her life

Olivia Liv Bentley from Made in Chelsea

via Instagram @oliviabentleyk

Right now, Liv has just over half a million Instagram followers, and her profile gives you a gorgeous insight into her boujee life. She posts loads of pictures of her around London, on nights out, eating and drinking in fancy places, and she’s on holiday A LOT. Recently, she’s checked into Paphos, Mallorca, St Tropez, Portugal, Abu Dhabi and St Lucia.

Not bad!

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