Inside Maeva and James’ boujie life: From £6million net worth to their animal print home

Can they adopt me, or?

Made in Chelsea is back which means one thing only, the return of our fav chaotic and iconic couple, James Taylor and Maeva D’Ascanio. These two, Maeva most notably, are responsible for carrying the show in recent seasons, and giving us some of the best drama Made in Chelsea has seen in years.

After years of ups and downs in their relationship, Maeva and James are engaged and expecting their first child. So, here’s a look inside their incredible life together. I’m not crying, you are.

Made in Chelsea stars Maeva D'Ascanio and James Taylor

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In 2019, Maeva and James told everyone on Made in Chelsea they were dating

The way James and Maeva broke their relationship to their co-stars was in true Made in Chelsea fashion. They had known each other from the show, and James was friends with Miles Nazaire, Maeva’s ex, at the time.

In June 2019, James and Maeva got together for the first time, and Maeva told Miles there was an uncontrollable chemistry between herself and James. Naturally, Miles smashed a glass in the bar they were at and stormed off. When James told Eliza Batten, she told him “she’s short-term fun, and Miles is a friend.”

But look at them now! Shortly after this the couple went Instagram official, and in May 2022 announced their engagement. Later that same month, they announced they were expecting their first child together. On the show they did a gender reveal, and they’re having a boy! They had a luxury baby shower in a hotel in Essex, where guests, including some MIC pals, had afternoon tea.

Made in Chelsea stars Maeva D'Ascanio and James Taylor at baby shower

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They are aiming for a Christmas 2023 wedding, after saying they’d like to “focus on the baby and then see” with regards to planning their day together.

Their three year relationship has been on and off

Yes, James and Maeva have been together three years, but they’ve split up, got back together and had huge arguments quite a few times. Many of these arguments have been laid-bare on Made in Chelsea. In October 2021 the couple first split up, after they couldn’t agree with where they saw their futures going. They got back together literally a month later, no stress.

And of course, who could forget the explosive argument and scenes where Maeva proposed to James on Made in Chelsea, but he said no. She had been desperate for him to ask her to marry him, but he wouldn’t, so she took matters into her own hands and proposed to him. He said no, and that “not in a million years” would he have accepted a proposal from her.

In 2021 they moved in together, and their house looks amazing

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The couple moved in together last year, and their gorgeous home is in Essex. They reportedly live in Saffron Walden, which is where James grew up. They share their home with their dog, Clyde.

Their house looks boujie, let’s say that much. They showed OK Magazine around, and the walls in the bedrooms are animal print, and there are bold designs pretty much everywhere.

One picture on Instagram shows Maeva on their sofa, and there’s an animal print lamp behind her, but the body of the lamp is a cobra snake?!

via Instagram @maevadascanio

via Instagram @maevadascanio

I’m obsessed.

Besides being on Made in Chelsea, both Maeva and James do actually have jobs

James has previously mentioned on Made in Chelsea that he’s “busy with work”. During his career he has previously worked as a model, and right now is set to take over his family business. The family business is linked to sales engineering. Maeva works as an ambassador for luxury jewellery brand King Jewels London, where she also has her own line of products. She also does a lot of sponsored work on Instagram, recently doing collabs with brands such as Boux Avenue and skincare companies.

Made in Chelsea stars Maeva D'Ascanio and James Taylor

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They have a combined net worth of an estimated £6million

According to IdolNetWorth, James has a net worth of just over £5million, and Maeva is estimated to be worth £1million. So, together, the couple is worth an estimated £6million. Not too bad!

They hang out with Maeva’s parents a lot

Made in Chelsea stars Maeva D'Ascanio and James Taylor with parents

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Maeva’s parents are Thierry and Corrine D’Ascanio, and just a quick look on Maeva’s Insta shows they are very close with her and James. Both of Maeva’s parents have appeared on the show, most recently going for dinner with Maeva and James.

Speaking to Reality Titbit, Maeva said her father is a businessman in the publishing field. Maeva’s mum seems to split her time between Paris and the Alps.

And Maeva and James have been on some incredible holidays together

Made in Chelsea stars Maeva D'Ascanio and James Taylor

via Instagram @maevadascanio

Alright, Maeva and James holiday together a lot. Recently they’ve been to Mallorca, Rome, Portofino, Paris and skiing in the Alps. They also have regular hotel stays in London.

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