Moment in Made in Chelsea with Julius and Digby being called staged

Ok, this moment proves Made in Chelsea is officially the most staged show of all time

We knew it was bad, but it’s just been caught in 4k here

Look, we all know Made in Chelsea isn’t exactly the most natural of shows. The cast are always made to “act surprised” with drama they definitely knew was coming, they’re always placed in the right place at the right time, and the cast aren’t even from Chelsea anymore. Nothing about this show is authentic these days. But, this moment with Julius is being called out, because it has caught Made in Chelsea being staged right before our very eyes.

In the clip, people are calling out a major “Made in Chelsea fail” which looks as though nobody from the editing team spotted a series gaff in the filming. During the moment, Julius is talking to Digby. We see Julius with wet hair, chatting away, before suddenly his hair has dried off and he has the perfect blow dry.

This happens within a second, and the conversation is shown to us as though it happened in real time, when clearly, it very much didn’t. Oops!

People in the comments have been quick to laugh about how obvious the error is, and how there are people who still believe Made in Chelsea is completely real. “It’s almost as if it’s scripted 😳😳😳,” one person sarcastically commented. “Wait so the camera man isn’t running back and forth?” another added.

Made in Chelsea isn’t going to shout from the rooftops the show is fake, but it is marketed as “structured reality”. This suggests it’s real, but with some planning behind it.

In an interview in 2016, MIC cast member Hugo Taylor admitted the show is “completely fabricated”. He said: “The guys are completely characterless fops, it’s ridiculous.” He said the original cast members were actually friends, and still are, but new cast members are simply in it for the fame and money, and fake the on-screen friendships for it.

In an interview with Sabotage Times, an extra from Made in Chelsea said: “The show is very much constructed.” She claimed she was told to dress in the style of the show and to pretend she was out shopping. She says she was placed a mile away from cameras to “allow the cast to perform”.


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