Made in Chelsea transformations: What the current cast looked like then and now

I’m shook?!


Made in Chelsea has been on for a million seasons now, so we’ve pretty much grown up with the cast. A few of the current cast members have been around for a while, and some of them are more new faces, but one thing is for sure – the Made in Chelsea cast have had some serious transformations.

From the boys getting majorly buff over the years, to the girls posting selfies from the early 00s when the makeup trends were *questionable* – their looks are very different. Here are the biggest transformations the current cast of Made in Chelsea have had. Prepare to not recognise half of them!

Maeva D’Ascanio

Transformations of the Made in Chelsea current cast members and their before and after pictures

via E4 / Instagram @maevadascanio

Looking back at pictures when Maeva first started on Made in Chelsea, she’s had one of the biggest transformations there is. She has grown up loads since she was first on the show, and is now settling down, getting married and starting a family. In terms of cosmetic surgery changes, Maeva has been quite open in saying she’s had her nose done in the past, and has had fillers.

Sam Prince

via E4 / Instagram @samjprince

Sam Prince has recently been sporting bleach blonde hair, and it’s a million miles away from the baby-faced guy who was on the show years ago. I’m not even sure these are the same people?

Digby Edgley

Digby has posted just how much he’s changed on TikTok, and yes I’m a little bit shook. He’s a little bit incredible looking, you have to admit. “Weird way to propose but yes,” someone said in the comments. It’s very self indulgent and I have been sick a bit, but how many times have I watched this clip? I’m not prepared to disclose.

Emily Blackwell

via Instagram @emily.blackwell_

You might look at Emily and think she’s too stunning to have ever had a phase where she took cringe selfies with bad filters like the rest of us, but she sure as hell did! Her old pictures show her looking completely different. This glow up! I’m amazed!

Reza Amiri-Garroussi

via Instagram @rezamcfly

Reza also looks so different and has grown up loads in the past few years. He’s grown facial hair, for a start.

Ollie Locke

via E4 / Instagram @ollielockeworld

Every time I see how different Ollie used to look back in the day it shocks me. The hair! Bring it back! Looking at old MIC pictures like this get me in the feels every single time. What a time it was.

Tristan Phipps

Transformations of the Made in Chelsea current cast members and their before and after pictures

via Instagram @tristan.phipps

Um, omg Tristan? Get it!

Julius Cowdrey

via Instagram @jlcowdrey

Julius’ baby face stage literally lasted all his life, and his old pictures show this. His Insta is FULL of them. And yes, he did once work in the Veuve Clicquot Gardens at Lords cricket ground.

Miles Nazaire

Transformations of the Made in Chelsea current cast members and their before and after pictures

via E4 / Instagram @milesjnazaire

Miles has changed loads since he was first on the show. He’s basically greatly improved his hair, had his teeth done and got really, really buff.

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