Meet Issy: The 20-year-old fashion student who’s joined the cast of Made in Chelsea

Ok but she looks FUN

Made in Chelsea is finally back on our screens with a summer special in Mallorca. The out of London specials always bring even more drama than normal, when the cast let their hair down in a new location. This year, to add to it all, we’re having four new cast members join the Made in Chelsea gang on the Spanish Island, one of which is Issy Francis-Baum.

She looks like the ultimate cool girl, and is a uni student and model. She should fit in just fine with the Kings Road rah club. It’s time to get to know Issy, ahead of her appearing on Made in Chelsea.

Isabella ‘Issy’ Francis-Baum who has joined the cast of Made in Chelsea in Mallorca

via Instagram @issy.fbb

New Made in Chelsea cast member is 20-year-old Issy Francis-Baum

Born and raised in London, Issy is 20, and a part time student and model. She’s been signed as a model since 2019 and has worked with loads of well-known brands, as well as featuring on an ad in Times Square, and in stores across the US. She was scouted by IMM Models and since then has worked with names such as Urban Outfitters, ASOS, NARS and Tanologist.

She describes herself as “East London born and bred” and is from Hackney. Issy is said to “live life in the fast lane”, not just professionally but in her spare time too – enjoying horse riding and skiing.

via Instagram @issy.fbb

Issy is currently studying in Manchester for a fashion degree

Issy is currently at Manchester Met, studying fashion promotion. According to her LinkedIn, she started the degree last year, and should graduate in 2024. “Since living in Manchester I have started working as aid intern and REFY Beauty on the Product Development team, and I plan to get as much experience as possible where I can over the next coming years amongst different areas in the industry,” she said.

Issy was inspired to start a degree in fashion from working in modelling, saying her work in this industry sparked an interest in what goes on behind the scenes.

Isabella ‘Issy’ Francis-Baum who has joined the cast of Made in Chelsea in Mallorca

via Instagram @issy.fbb

Issy is single and ‘ready to mingle’ on Made in Chelsea

Ahead of appearing on Made in Chelsea: Mallorca, Issy has said she is “single and ready to mingle” – maybe she’ll catch the eye of one of our resident Chelsea boys? Issy was previously in a long-term relationship, but her boyfriend cheated on her. She’s been actively back on the dating scene since.

She has 17.2k followers on Instagram and 60.7k on TikTok

Isabella ‘Issy’ Francis-Baum who has joined the cast of Made in Chelsea in Mallorca

via Instagram @issy.fbb

Sorry, but Issy’s Instagram is just a straight up vibe. She’s giving Y2k girl with an edgy vibe, like she could be an Instagram influencer, could also be a huge TikToker. You can tell she studies fashion, because her outfit pics are a 10/10 every time, and she looks as though she spends the majority of her time hanging out with friends and enjoying life. He bio describes her as “✨ Little miss mirror selfie ✨” which is pretty spot on. Her handle is @issy.fbb.

Going on her Instagram and thinking she’s got TikTok vibes is pretty spot on as an observation, because she’s big on there too. She has 60.7k followers on TikTok, and her videos have had over 2million likes. One of her biggest TikToks says she used to date someone who’s now a big time rapper. Ok then? 👀

Can we be mates?

Made in Chelsea: Mallorca starts on Monday 22nd at 9pm on E4. Episodes will continue all week at 9pm. For all the latest reality TV news and gossip, like The Holy Church of Love Island on Facebook

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