Meet Jordan Alexander: Recruitment director and Emily from Made in Chelsea’s new boyfriend

Harvey, who?

A new series of Made in Chelsea means a new round of relationships, fights, arguments and fallings out. Among those bringing newness to the show is Emily, but this time for more positive reasons. After breaking up with Harvey Armstrong following cheating allegations, Emily Blackwell has stepped into the latest episodes of Made in Chelsea with a new boyfriend. Love it for her.

So, who is the new man? Here’s what we know about him.

Emily Blackwell from Made in Chelsea with new boyfriend Jordan Alexander

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Emily Blackwell from Made in Chelsea has a new boyfriend, and he’s called Jordan Alexander

In recent seasons of Made in Chelsea, we’ve seen Emily break up with previous boyfriend, Harvey Armstrong, following a number of cheating allegations. But now, she’s welcomed onto the scene Jordan Alexander. They’ve already been on holiday together, and on the show, Jordan has had the seal of approval from Emily’s best mate, Miles Nazaire.

Speaking to OK Magazine about how they first got together, Emily said she and Jordan have “always” known each other. “Jordan and I have known each other for quite a long time,” she said. “We’re both from Surrey originally so I’ve kind of always known him, but our paths have never really crossed fully until recently.

“It’s so funny because he’s someone I’ve known forever but I never thought I’d be in a relationship with him, do you know what I mean? It’s funny to look back and know people from your childhood and now you’re actually with him and you’re like… that’s so weird.”

Whilst Jordan’s age isn’t known, 26-year-old Emily added that he is a “little bit older” than her, and she “needed a man”. She said: “I think I’ve always needed someone a little bit more mature and that has their shit together.”

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Jordan works in recruitment

When Emily said she wanted someone who has their shit together, Jordan definitely has just that. He is currently the managing director at a recruitment consultancy. According to his LinkedIn, which he has a premium account for btw, he’s been in this position for nearly four years. “I take pride in leading a professional and highly motivated recruitment business,” Jordan’s profile states.

He is also a brand ambassador for The Juice Smith, an organic juices and health shots company.

Emily Blackwell from Made in Chelsea with new boyfriend Jordan Alexander

via Instagram @emily.blackwell_

He went to private school, naturally

Jordan went to school at Epsom College, a private school in Surrey for students aged 11 to 18. Right now, it costs £42k a year for full boarding senior school, or £14k a term.

Jordan has 4.2k followers on Instagram and has been posting loads with Emily

Jordan and Emily went Insta official in August, and since then have posted together loads. They’ve shared cute couple selfies, and Jordan has posted a few snaps of Emily hanging out with his family. He currently has 4.2k followers.

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