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More babies, engagements and brand deals: What are the OG mums from Teen Mom UK up to now?

A lot of them are still on the show!

Teen Mom UK was a television show like none other and it had everybody hooked and rightly so as it became a staple piece of reality television we all yearned for. Teen Mom UK was the spin-off of the American series which followed a group of young mothers adjusting to parenthood. The TV show also focused on their personal relationships with their partners and families as well as being new mums. Teen Mom UK is still ongoing but the OG mothers have been up to all sorts since the series first aired. This is what the OG Teen Mom UK mothers are up to, six years on since they first appeared on the show:

Amber Butler

Teen Mom UK now

via @amberbutlerx on Instagram

Amber was an OG on Teen Mom UK and has been in every season since. She joined the show in 2016 when she became the mother of her first child Brooklyn, at 17 years old. Over the years, Amber has opened up about the trolling she has received while starring on the show, something a lot of the other teen mothers faced for being on the programme.

In 2019, it was announced she was expecting another child with Ste, and in September 2019 they welcomed Hudson. Amber and Ste are both co-parenting and Amber says they are “a great team.” She said: “Even though we’re not two parents who are in a relationship, that doesn’t mean we can’t be two parents who bring our boys together still and be around one another.”

Amber also revealed she is ready to settled down and meet the right person, but for now she is “taking it slow” and is enjoying being single. Amber is doing fairly well for herself and has an impressive 373,000 followers on Instagram and is always sharing moments of her and her children up to something fun.

Chloe Patton

via Instagram @chloepatton_

Chloe Patton became a mother at 17 years old with her boyfriend Jordan Edwards. Like Amber, Chloe has appeared in all eight seasons of Teen Mom UK. She is currently 23 years old and is now engaged to Jordan after he proposed to her during a romantic trip to Paris. Chloe joined Teen Mom UK when she was pregnant with Marley and went to work with her mum.

Chloe currently has an impressive 458,000 followers on Instagram and like her co-stars, she shares wholesome pictures of her and her son. Chloe is incredibly glam and her Instagram is also an ode to that with pictures of her at fashion events and boujie holidays. Chloe is also working closely with In The Style and has modelled for some things on their fashion line.

Megan Salmon Ferrari

Teen Mom UK now

via Instagram @megansalmonferrari

Megan had her first child when she was 17 years old with her boyfriend Dylan. In 2016, just weeks after Megan’s son was born, Dylan proposed to her but their engagement was short-live due to Dylan cheating on Megan but they later reconciled. In later 2016, Megan and Dylan announced they were expecting their second child together and she was born in March 2017.

Megan took a break from Teen Mom UK and after season seven she made the decision to not return for the eighth season. Megan has 344,000 followers on Instagram and shares adorable pictures of her and her boyfriend and their family.

Mia Boardman

via Instagram @mia_boardman

Mia Boardman was on the first three seasons of Teen Mom UK before taking a break and making her return in season eight. Mia was nine months pregnant when she was on Teen Mom UK with her first child and joined the show at 19 years old. Mia has an impressive 309,000 followers on Instagram and shares all she’s been getting up to including fancy trips to Turkey, Morocco and Egypt.

In 2021, Mia has her own documentary on MTV called Domestic Violence & Me: Mia’s Story, where she opened up about her experiences as a victim of domestic violence. Earlier in the year, Mia revealed she had escaped from a violent attack from her ex-boyfriend, who was later sentenced to 12 months in prison. During the documentary, Mia speaks with friends, survivors, counsellors and police while sharing her story.

Naomi Konickova

Teen Mom UK now

via Instagram @naomikonickova

Naomi had her daughter at 17 years old and during the show, she was training to be a makeup artist and Naomi said that becoming a mum made her want to achieve her dream even more. Naomi was only on the first season of Teen Mom UK and she has kept a fairly low profile since. She currently has 54,000 followers on Instagram and often shares makeup looks and photos of her daughter when she does post.

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