Amanda The Traitors

An ode to Amanda, the traitor so savagely iconic she brought the whole country together

‘Wilfred, can I just tell you something? What is on the flag of Wales?’

The Traitors has been the unexpected rip-roaring success reality TV of 2022, and everyone has their own opinions on it. I know people who think Maddy’s an icon, and I know people who think she’s insufferable. I know Meryl lovers and I know Meryl loathers. But one person who is unanimously adored, worshipped, respected and feared across the entirety of the United Kingdom is Amanda: The mumsy and warm Welsh estate agent who, in the words of Eliza Rose and Interplanetary Criminal, proved to us all she’s the baddest of them all. Here’s my ode to Amanda from The Traitors, the queen who, in a year of constant division and debate, managed to unite us all in time for Christmas.

It’s always someone you never expect

The key to Amanda’s success is innate. An unassuming, warm, loving mother figure on the outside, a ruthless and strategic mastermind of treachery on the in. Clever, savage and perfectly able to play both sides of the coin, Claudia Winkleman’s decision to squeeze Amanda’s shoulder in episode one made reality TV history from the off.

Amanda managed to play such a blinder because, somehow, she completely avoided scrutiny for the best part of three weeks. Even though all her fellow competitors ran with whatever hunch they had, knew they were on the lookout for the unexpected and yet for whatever reason just refused to look in the direction of Amanda. Maybe they liked her too much to see past how clearly great a move it would be to suspect the one they suspect the least, but Amanda continued her traitor murder spree unchallenged. And it was glorious.

What makes The Traitors so joyous is how it cast such a diverse group of genders, age ranges and vibes that it stands out from the reality TV pack like a shining jewel of actual people who you could know in your day to day life. Sure, there’s the odd couple that want to be influencers – but they aren’t the stars of this show. Seeing Amanda have an Ekin-Suian rise to fame in people’s hearts has been nothing short of iconic. It reminds me of the hey day of Big Brother – where our reality TV stars were the celebrated every day people who just managed to make us laugh with their charm and energy.

She loves her newfound icon status

What makes the era of Amanda even more joyous is how happy and grateful she is to receive the love. Today, she popped onto Lorraine still swaddled in her traitor cape to discuss the show’s impact and her newfound status as queen of not only The Traitors, but the gays. “I’m enjoying it, and to be called an icon of the gay community is just absolutely fantastic. I am loving the love!” That’s mother right there, I fear.

I support women’s rights AND women’s wrongs

Last night, the evil, EVIL Wilfred turned on Amanda and ousted our queen from the castle. I can’t say we did not see this coming – as soon as she went from saying Theo was her most trusted to voting him to be banished, her days were numbered – but that didn’t make it hurt any less.

I saw people saying that if Amanda had done what Wilfred did on The Traitors last night, we’d all be calling her an icon and praising her for it. To that I say, yes. Yes we would. And I make no apologies for that. I didn’t say I loved Amanda in the interest of being pragmatic or fair, I love her because she’s likeable and an unexpected savage. I don’t care if Wilfred plays a blinder and is good at the game, I want that camp icon in the cape to win by hook or by crook!

The Traitors will troop on without our queen for two more episodes, but her legacy will last longer than the winner – whether that be traitor or faithful. Goodbye for now to Amanda from The Traitors – til I see you again in meet and greet section of gay clubs up and down the nation.

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