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Meet Arabella Ovenden, the 22-year-old graphic designer joining Made in Chelsea: Bali

She’s besties with Ekin-Su

Made in Chelsea: Bali has hardly even begun and there’s already been drama in Indonesia. Same rumour mill, different continent. And joining the cast in the series’ second episode is the Bali-based graphic designer Arabella Ovenden— who’s about to get Sam Prince in a lot of hot water with Inga. Surprise surprise.

Yep, another gorgeous bikini-wearing brunette is about to cause rifts on Made in Chelsea and, just like Lily Ludovici Gray, she’s best friends with Love Island 2022 winner Ekin Su. So, just in case you’re wondering what in the reality TV multiverse madness is going on, here’s everything you need to know about Arabella Ovenden:

Arabella is 22 and moved to Bali from Mykonos

Arabella is 22, grew up in Bath, and recently moved from Mykonos to Bali. She joined the MIC cast after her long-term friend and new member Lily Ludovici Gray insisted she come to a pool party with the rest of the King’s Road crowd.

arabella made in chelsea

via Instagram @arabella.ovenden

She studied in London and works as a graphic designer

Arabella is a graphic designer and studied at the University of Greenwich. But, according to her LinkedIn bio, her main interests are social media and marketing, which could explain why she had almost 10k Instagram followers before even joining the Made in Chelsea: Bali cast.

At uni, she created a lot of house music posters and book cover designs but seems now to be more focused on social media content than freelance commissions.

via Instagram @arabella.ovenden

Ekin-Su sent her secret signals from the Love Island villa

If you look at Arabella’s Insta, there are pics of her hanging out with the most iconic Love Island contestant of all time: Ekin-Su. And while Ekin was in the villa she even sent Arabella secret signals to let her know how she was feeling.

“We have this sign – if she ever plaits her hair that means that she misses me. She did it almost straight away,” Arabella told Ok! in the summer. “It made me feel bad, girls can be very bitchy and it just didn’t seem like they were taking to her.”

via Instagram @ekinsuofficial

Ekin-Su and Arabella always go clubbing in Chelsea together

Arabella also gave in insight into what Ekin is like on their nights out along the King’s Road. Speaking to Ok!, she said: “[Ekin] always goes home on her own, she gets a taxi back to Essex from Chelsea. We recently went to our friend’s birthday and there was a guy all over her but she just wasn’t interested. He was begging to take her on a date and she said no! She loves a girls’ night out, she loves to have fun.”

arabella made in chelsea

via Instagram @arabella.ovenden

She already knows other people in the Made in Chelsea circle

Just a quick scroll of Arabella’s Instagram and you’ll realise she knows a lot of familiar faces, including Lily, Ekin, Lottie Moss, and Ollie Locke.

via Instagram @arabella.ovenden

She’s about to cause drama between Sam Prince and Inga

In the preview for the second episode of the series, it seems Sam has been his classic wandering-eyed self and liked all of Arabella’s undeniably hot bikini pics. So, when she meets the rest of the cast, things are more than a little awkward.

“I do know Sam Prince. I used to really fancy him when he was back in London. He’s recently been in my [Instagram] stories of like little bikini pics,” she tells Julius, Ruby and Melissa before confronting the man himself and asking if he’s “shocked to see her”. Uh oh.

arabella made in chelsea

via Instagram @arabella.ovenden

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