Introducing Lily Ludovici Gray: Influencer and Ekin-Su’s mate who’s joined Made in Chelsea

She’s best friends with Tiff Watson and was a bridesmaid at her wedding

This series of Made in Chelsea has been full of drama, and now the cast are jetting off to Bali to continue where they left off in London. Joining the cast of Made in Chelsea just before they hit the luxury beaches is Lily Ludovici Gray – who is definitely no stranger to life in MIC.

Yep, you might recognise her face as this isn’t the first time she’s appeared on the show. Oh, and she’s also casually mates with Love Island 2022 winner Ekin-Su! What a crossover! Here’s everything there is to know about Lily Ludovici Gray.

Lily Ludovici Gray, Made in Chelsea

via Instagram @lilyludovici

New Made in Chelsea face Lily Ludovici Gray is 29 and from London

Lily is 29 and is from London. She’s joining the cast just before they head off to Bali for a new holiday special, and she’ll be flying out with them too. She currently splits her time between Bali and London.

She works in social media, and as a photographer and influencer

via Instagram @lilyludovici

According to her Instagram bio, Lily runs the social media for a skincare brand. She works for Rhodes Skincare, which is an award-winning, cruelty-free, natural and plant-based beauty brand. She also does some work on Instagram, posting about brands such as Bali Body.

As well as this, Lily is a photographer, and has an Instagram account dedicated to sharing her photography. She has Instagram highlights showing that pictures she has taken of celebs such as Lottie Moss and Tiff Watson have ended up in The Daily Mail. She takes a lot of portraits, including shooting with Emily Blackwell, Harry Baron and Olivia Bentley.

I don’t mean to alarm anyone, but Lily is mates with the actual Ekin-Su

Lily Ludovici Gray, Made in Chelsea

via Instagram @lilyludovici

If you looks on Lily’s Insta, you might see some pictures of her hanging out with the actual Love Island 2022 winner, Ekin-Su. What’s more, Ekin-Su has done an interview about her mate joining Made in Chelsea, and said she’s been asking for advice for going on reality TV.

“She’s actually been ringing me and texting me asking me for advice,” Ekin-Su told Heat. “She’s like, ‘How are you so confident? How do you deal when something happens.’ I’m like ‘Lily just be you. Don’t be someone else, don’t be scared if a girl is going to attack you. I’m fearless, be fearless.'”

Ekin-Su said Lily is very Made in Chelsea, because she’s *posh*

When asked more about her friend, Ekin-Su only had one word to describe her, posh. “She’s going to be great on Made in Chelsea,” Ekin-Su said. “She’s very Made in Chelsea – very posh. She’ll be great on there, I’m supporting her.”

Lily is also very well-connected in the Made in Chelsea circles

via Instagram @lilyludovici

Lily is definitely no stranger to Made in Chelsea life, as she’s Tiffany Watson’s best mate and was a bridesmaid at her wedding. Lily has very very briefly appeared in MIC before, in scenes with the Watson sisters. She featured in series 10, when she threatened to come between Tiffany’s sister, Lucy Watson, and her boyfriend, James Dunmore. Clearly that’s all over now, though.

Lily has 43.6k followers on Instagram

Lily Ludovici Gray, Made in Chelsea

via Instagram @lilyludovici

Lily has 43.6k followers right now, and her feed is all gorgeous holiday pics. It’s not just Tiff from Made in Chelsea that Lily is mates with, as her Instagram features pictures of her hanging out with Inga Valentiner and Emily Blackwell. Apparently she recently fell out with Inga over her relationship with Sam Prince, so we’ll have to wait and see how that pans out on the show.

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