a girl on TikTok sharing what it was like as an extra on Made in Chelsea

A girl on TikTok claims she was an extra on Made in Chelsea and has spilled what it’s like

Amy said one cast member gave her ‘quite nasty, mean girl vibes’

A girl on TikTok is claiming she was an extra in recent scenes on Made in Chelsea, and she has shared a video of what it was like being part of the show. She said the cast and crew came to where she worked, and has shared about what the filming schedule was like, and her opinion on some cast members.

Speaking on TikTok, Amy said she was at work around a year and a half ago when the cast and production crew for Made in Chelsea wanted to film in one of the restaurants the company she worked for owned. She said she went down to the venue for the day of filming, to be a presence from the office.

A camera man then asked her if she wanted to get in the background to be an extra. “There were like four cast members there,” Amy said. “I won’t say who their names are in case they come for me.” She said the cast members there were a mix of people who have been in the show for ages, and some who are newer faces.

‘She gave me quite nasty, mean girl vibes’

Amy shared a bit about who was there filming on the day she was, and said the only “weird thing” about the filming was a moment when cast members were taken aside by crew to be spoken to. “Before the cast members started filming, the producers took them all off individually to the side and started whispering in their ears,” she said. Amy guessed this was the crew filling cast members in on what else has happened in other scenes and what other cast members have said about them.

“They were making sure to be very quiet about it so nobody else could hear,” Amy said. “It was about one of the cast member’s breakups. This girl has been on and off with this boy for so long. Yeah, she really didn’t give me good vibes at all. She gave me quite nasty, mean girl vibes.”

Amy went on to say the cast member in question was “rude” about the area filming was taking place in, saying she would never go there because the area is “horrible”. Amy said this cast member was the only one who didn’t say hello or thank you to her at the end of the scene.

Hardly anything was re-filmed and cast members were only given ‘a little guidance’ on what to talk about

Made in Chelsea

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Amy said she was “shocked” by how little they re-filmed things and said it definitely wasn’t scripted. “The producers weren’t really telling them what to say,” she said. “They were giving them a little bit of guidance on the topic of conversation but they weren’t putting any sort of words in their mouth, which I was really surprised about.”

In the TikTok, Amy also said during her time as a Made in Chelsea extra, the only time she saw anything being re-filmed was because sound quality wasn’t good enough.

Filming went on for around 30 minutes to an hour

Amy said that filming one scene went on for between 30 minutes and an hour, and then “they just left and went back to their normal lives”. She said they had three cameras all around them, and the cast members couldn’t have had any feeling that they weren’t being filmed, because the cameras were “so close to them”.

She concluded by saying in her episode you can see her laughing in the background and texting her friends joking with them about what is going on. Fun!

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