From his businesses to cringe TikToks: Inside the life of Made in Chelsea’s Sam Prince

Yes… he’s a millionaire

In this season of Made in Chelsea, Sam Prince has been called immature, he’s been called a menace and he’s been called a liar – but one thing you have to call him is an entertainer. Whether you like him, love him or hate him, he’s a big character in the cast of Made in Chelsea right now, and the show would be somewhat quieter without him in it.

In the last few episodes we’ve seen him continue his petty but incredible feud with Julius Cowdrey, he’s back with Inga, and she’s defending him against Julius’ new girlfriend, Georgia. Inga drops in that Sam has multiple businesses, which might leave you wondering what he gets up to in his spare time.

So here’s a little look inside the life of Sam Prince, and what he does when he’s not causing mayhem on Made in Chelsea – including all those TikToks he loves to make about Julius.

Sam Prince from Made in Chelsea

via Instagram @samjprince

25-year-old Sam Prince is a seasoned cast member on Made in Chelsea

Sam Prince is 25, and he was first on Made in Chelsea in 2017 until 2018, but rejoined the show in 2021. Naturally, Sam was privately educated at St Bede’s School, in East Sussex.

He’s a business owner

Sam Prince from Made in Chelsea

via Instagram @samjprince

Sam Prince is a business owner and influencer when he’s not at champagne parties on MIC or making TikToks about Julius. One of his businesses is a sustainable brand called Forager Health, which sells functional products such as teas, with targeted health benefits.

“We create unique herbal tea blends that are both natural and sustainably packaged,” Sam’s LinkedIn says. “Our blends have been designed to target particular health benefits that can easily fit into your daily routine and come with information on both the science and health benefits of each ingredient.”

He’s also behind houseplant company, Bellr UK. Which yeah, just sells really really nice houseplants.

Sam is currently dating Inga, but has dated a few different people whilst on Made in Chelsea

Sam Prince is currently dating Inga, with both of them regularly being on Made in Chelsea. Inga joined the show in 2021, just before Sam returned. They got together shortly after this, in the same series Inga joined. Last season they briefly broke up and unfollowed each other on Instagram, but have now got back together.

Sam doesn’t exactly have a good track record with dating, as it’s been reported he’s cheated in every high-profile relationship he’s been in. He was accused of cheating on Inga who he’s with now, and previous to her he dated Lottie Moss – they reportedly broke up when he cheated. Before then he dated fellow MIC star Toff, who surprise surprise, he apparently cheated on.

He has a net worth of £1.5million

Sam can join the hall of fame for current MIC cast members who are millionaires, because from his businesses and influencer work, he’s said to have earned a healthy net worth of £1.5million. According to his LinkedIn, before he hit the big time, Sam was working as a property consultant at companies such as Foxtons.

Sam Prince from Made in Chelsea

via Instagram @samjprince

Yes, Sam does make TikToks about fellow Made in Chelsea cast member Julius

On Made in Chelsea recently, we’ve seen this ongoing spat between Julius and Sam – who clearly hate one another. One of things Sam keeps doing to wind up Julius is duetting his TikToks. Yes, they really are as petty as they sound.


In the market for a new life coach xoxo #fyp

♬ Somebody That I Used To Know – Gotye

Sam has just over 7k followers on TikTok, and a lot of his videos are about Julius. He did one recently with the crying filter seeing that Julius had blocked him, and he duetted one of Julius’ singing videos and added the caption: “Nostril singing baby, I love you bro”.


Nostril singing baby, I love you bro #fyp

♬ original sound – Sam Prince

Sam has 69k followers on Instagram

Right now, Sam has just over 69k followers on Instagram. Fun fact: Queen Elizabeth has featured on his grid more times than Inga has. That’s all you need to know.

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