So, how much do the cast of Made in Chelsea actually get paid?

There have been rows among cast members in the past over differing wages

The cast of Made in Chelsea are mega rich, that’s just how the format works. Some of them have side hustle jobs, rich parents providing family cash, and others have launched their own companies off the back of their TV fame. But on top of this, they take home a pay packet for appearing on the show. So, you might be wondering how much the cast of Made in Chelsea actually get paid.

Recently, the topic of MIC pay has come up again. After her brief stint in Chelsea, Ella May Ding, who was also on Married at First Sight, slated the show’s ratings and how much cast members are paid. Miles Nazaire claimed she said “they don’t even get paid well” and then he called her comments “petty” and “immature”. But was there any truth in it?

How much Made in Chelsea cast members get paid

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How much do the cast of Made in Chelsea get paid?

The pay of the cast members on Made in Chelsea has never formally been disclosed, but it has previously been reported they can take home up to £8,000 per season of the show.

However, it doesn’t appear this is a blanket wage for all the cast members. There have been arguments in the past over pay, because certain people were paid more than others. Back in 2013, it was reported Andy Jordan was “fuming” after finding out he was being paid £150 less per episode than Spencer Matthews. He was being paid £250 per episode, compared to Spencer’s £400.

It was reported supporting cast members got £225 per episode, while new stars were paid just £50 in their first series. Now I see why so many cast members long it out on the show for as much time as possible!

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