‘I’m a bit sick of it’: Miles Nazaire has spoken about leaving Made in Chelsea

Shock! He said he wants to ‘commit’ to a girl he’s seeing!

Right now, MIC has been 50 per cent just watching a collection of different women get their hearts broken by Miles Nazaire. But now, Miles has said this is all behind him, and he’s considering leaving Made in Chelsea and completely changing his ways. No, I’m not lying to you.

In the latest episode of his podcast alongside Charlie Radnedge, Charlie asked Miles what had brought on the latest changes in his life. Miles explained that he’s seeing someone new, and previously “had a problem” with dating too many people. “I’ve been living the bachelor lifestyle a little too much,” Miles said in the chat. “It’s just a void, I’ll go on dates to distract myself.”

Miles went on to explain he’s been so distracted on short-term dating, he’s “stopped himself” from having anything serious in his life. He said now he’s going to stop waiting for a woman to commit to him, and instead is going to be first to commit to her. He said he’s deleted over 1,000 people on Instagram.

Miles Nazaire talks about leaving Made in Chelsea on his podcast

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And that brings us on to Made in Chelsea. Miles said a lot of what’s going on in his life right now has been brought on by being on TV. “Recent times [on the show], I think I’ve had a bit of a backlash,” Miles said. “A lot of people who know me, know that’s not a true representation of who I am.

“Doing a show for the last five years, and let’s be real, my ‘character’ on the show has been the fuck boy. There’s a part of me that’s a bit sick of it.” He said people come up to him on the street and only ever ask him about Maeva, or who he is dating. “I haven’t had much of a private life,” he said. “If [Made in] Chelsea was no more, it would mean all my dramas wouldn’t be aired on TV.”

Charlie then just straight up asked him if he’s taking a break from Made in Chelsea, and Miles said he’s “definitely thinking about it” and has had conversations with production about leaving the show next year. “It’s not a confirmation or a definite I’m not doing [Made in] Chelsea next year, but we’ll see how the conversation goes.”

Miles said being on the show has been an “amazing ride” but he’s “had fun” and is ready to start the next stage of his career, next year. It looks like he’s moving on!

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