Ella and Miles are beefing after she called MIC cast ‘actors’ and spilled show ‘secrets’

‘I will never be going on that show again’

After a wild few weeks on Made in Chelsea, which saw Ella join the cast, date Miles, and leave the cast again – the pair have started back and forth beefing one another.

Following her short stint on MIC, which ended in her flying back to Aus when it didn’t work out with Miles, Ella has done an interview talking about what it was like filming. Speaking on her own podcast, Ella said the show was “weird” and “intense”, and called the cast members “actors”.

“It was a very short stint, but it was a very intense stint,” she said. “And, yeah, it’s done. I will never be going on that show again or a show like that; that sort of constructed reality, not like real reality. I won’t do something like that again because it’s like really weird.”

She continued: “They’re partly actors. Because when I was on set and I would see some of them, like even Ollie [Locke], he has been doing it since the very first season, but I feel like he just knows what to do now. He would never fuck up, he never has to repeat lines, they just knew how to do it. Whereas I was like so confused.

“They’d be like, ‘ok, pick up from where you left off’ and I’d be like, ‘well, I don’t remember what I said!’ And then they would have someone who’s written down your lines, like what you’ve just said. Yeah, they had someone, like, typing what you were saying. They’d remind you. ‘Pick up from this conversation. Pick up from here’, and I’m like, ‘oh my god, this is so weird’. It’s so crazy that I did that this year and, like, that’s just so weird.”

Ella and Miles on Made in Chelsea

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Miles clearly hasn’t taken to these comments too well, and has naturally gone on his own podcast to air his thoughts. He has called the comments “petty” and said Ella, who was also on MAFS, made comments about MIC’s ratings and how much cast members are paid.

He said: “There are a lot of things like, you know, being petty, like, ‘oh, they don’t even get paid well, our ratings are way better than their’s’. Slagging off the show. One thing I didn’t like, don’t get me wrong, we all have problems with [the show] sometimes, but the fact you are giving away the ins and outs of the secrets of the show, and kind of like saying, ‘this is what happens… this may be not true’ and all this kind of stuff, it’s like, woah, what are you doing? You’ve come on the show, they’ve respected you, let’s not do all that.”

Also on her podcast, Ella spoke about her very brief relationship with Miles. Miles replied to this on his podcast (yes, there’s a pattern here) calling what Ella said “immature” and “horrible and savage”. Ella and Miles were apparently meant to sit down on a podcast together and discuss the Made in Chelsea fallout, as Miles felt “misrepresented on the show”, but now this chat isn’t happening.

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On her Instagram story, Ella said filming the show was “the hardest time” of her life, and said “it’s just been really testing and really challenging.”

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