A blazing row and new cast members: What we know about the Made in Chelsea Bali special

It’s going to be on EVERY DAY


It’s already that time again – the cast of Made in Chelsea were seemingly only in Mallorca a couple of weeks ago, but now they’re back on their travels, this time heading to Bali. Of course, they can’t head away without filming it for a special of the show, and there is always loads of drama when MIC hits another country.

It’s been teased on the show that Bali episodes are kicking off from this week, and by the sounds of it, we’ve got a lot coming our way. The cast were out there filming for five weeks, and some how, all of that chaos is being condensed down into a week of episodes. So, here is absolutely everything you need to know about Made in Chelsea: Bali.

Made in Chelsea cast in Bali

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Made in Chelsea Bali kicks off on the 20th December

There really isn’t much time at all to wait until the Bali special kicks off. It airs first on E4 on Tuesday 20th December, straight after the regular Made in Chelsea season ends on Monday, and then is on every day. Yep – just like when the cast went to Mallorca, episodes of Bali will be every night next week.

The episodes are on at 9pm from Tuesday to Friday, before a one of special, called Made in Chelsea: Bonjour Baby, on Monday 26th December. Yes, MIC on Boxing Day!!!! Also, Bonjour Baby? Are we thinking a special about Maeva and James’ baby? We can hope.

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Ruby and Sam have an argument and Emily has called scenes ‘stressful’

It’s looking as though there is LOADS of drama coming our way in the Bali episodes. Ruby and Sam are said to have a blazing row which reaches boiling point, and Emily Blackwell has said filming scenes with Harvey was “stressful”.

There are of course even more love triangles forming, too. At the moment we’re seeing Yasmine and Harvey getting to know one other, which Yasmine clearly wants to continue in Bali, but Harvey kisses Issy on their first night there. E4 has given us a clue that drama starts here, and said: “What will this mean for Yasmine and Issy’s friendship? Issy is convinced that Yasmine has been secretly hooking up with Miles back in London and decides to call them out.”

Ollie and Gareth host a party, which naturally means drama will follow, but they also have some “long-awaited news” to share with the group.

New cast members are joining Made in Chelsea ahead of the Bali special

Made in Chelsea cast in Bali

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The cast for Made in Chelsea: Bali has been confirmed, and it contains a lot of the current favs. Emily Blackwell, Ollie and Gareth Locke, Sam Prince, Inga Valentiner, Issy Francis-Baum, Harvey Armstrong, Ruby Adler, Miles Nazaire, Julius Cowdrey and Melissa Tattum have all flown out, and they are joined by newer faces Yasmine and Charlie.

Also among the Bali cast members is Lily Ludovici Gray, who is about to join the cast in Chelsea. She’s no stranger to Made in Chelsea life, as she’s Tiffany Watson’s best mate and was a bridesmaid at her wedding. Lily has very very briefly appeared in MIC before, in scenes with the Watson sisters.

I’m ready!

Made in Chelsea: Bali starts on Tuesday 20th December. For all the latest reality TV news and gossip, like The Holy Church of Love Island on Facebook

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