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It’s finally happening! Here’s the confirmed cast of the Waterloo Road reboot

Guess who’s coming back as a TEACHER

This is where you recognise the cast of Trigger Point from

This looks so intense

Someone actually worked out the Wordle algorithm and now they’re spoiling the answers for everyone

Look away NOW

M&S nibbles and unplanned afters: Deconstructing Boris Johnson’s raucous lockdown birthday party

They even got him a cake!!!

‘Guys my age aren’t mature’: Meet the students in big age-gap relationships

Here’s everything they want you to know

‘I felt like less of a woman’: This is what it’s like to suffer from Vaginismus at uni

Uni life can feel impossible when you’re struggling with sexual trauma

Jack Wright has opened up about Sienna Mae allegations in ‘traumatising’ new video

This is the first time the Hype House star has spoken openly about the claims

Meet Wikitrivia: The highly addictive history game stealing Wordle’s crown

I don’t need a history degree, I’ve got a 15-point streak x

For clinically vulnerable young people, ‘freedom day’ isn’t a celebration – it’s terrifying

Is the government making a fatal mistake?

Ashling Murphy: Suspect has been named and charged with murder of 23-year-old

The 31-year-old man was arrested on 18th January

Only Gemma Collins herself could get full marks in this Celebrity Big Brother 17 quiz


‘I thought everyone was horrible’: Polly Vadasz has apologised for her racist Tweets

The business owner has publicly posted for the first time since 2nd January

A man has been arrested on suspicion of Ashling Murphy’s murder

The 23-year-old teacher was killed on 12th January

Property Porn Stars: The UK’s answer to Selling Sunset is officially coming


Inside a *pretty dire* uni therapy session during the pandemic

I can’t deal with the PAUSES

‘We shouldn’t be here’: Here’s everything that happened at the Ashling Murphy vigil in London

‘Her name is Ashling’

This is where you recognise the cast of Netflix’s Brazen from

It’s rated 14 per cent on Rotten Tomatoes lol

This is everything we know about the murder of Ashling Murphy

She was just going for a run

Hype House: A complete timeline of Jack Wright’s allegations against Sienna Mae

The Hype House star made further allegations about Sienna Mae Gomez on 12th January

So, will Boris Johnson actually be forced to resign?

Here’s what happens next

ASOS is no longer guaranteeing Next Day Delivery on all items for people with Premier

Look out for the ‘Lichfield’ label

The Hunt For Bible John: The true story of a mystery serial killer

BBC’s new true crime doc is brutal

Is it just me, or do these eight actors only ever play themselves at all times?

Range???? Never heard of it

There’s nothing funny about the Downing Street parties anymore

Our government’s betrayal is beyond a joke

How to watch Euphoria season two in the UK without using questionable websites

It’s easier than you think!!

Is The Apprentice scripted? Here’s all the evidence we have

I NEED to know whether Lord Sugar’s jokes are real

Four Lives: Where is ‘Grindr Killer’ Stephen Port now?

The serial killer pled ‘not guilty’ to all four counts of murder

What are your rights if the police ever stop you for a random drug swab?

First and foremost, you’re allowed to refuse

This is where you recognise the cast of Four Lives from

The cast of BBC’s Four Lives features a movie star, a TV legend and a Waterloo Road actor

Sighh Studio owner Polly Vadasz’s ‘horrifying’ Tweets exposed: Here’s everything we know

She has since apologised on her private Instagram account

‘Politics For All’ permanently banned from Twitter: Here’s everything we know

The account was allegedly suspended for ‘platform manipulation’

Take this quiz and we’ll tell you what percentage 2014 Tumblr Girl you are

Try not to rawr :3 too close to the sun

Four Lives: The true story of the real ‘Grindr Killer’ and his victims

The BBC drama premiered last night, but who is the real Grindr Killer?

Here’s everything we know about Cheer season two

It’s coming back sooner than you think!!!

This is where you recognise the cast of Netflix’s The Silent Sea from

Squid Game fans will know one familiar face in particular

Okay, where the hell does the iconic ‘Material Girl’ TikTok audio actually come from?

MATERIAL GIRRRRL lives in my mind rent free

Using science, I definitively ranked 2021’s best Christmas meal deals

Don’t worry, I’ve only included Waitrose once x

These eight Waterloo Road deaths still have me sobbing into my school jumper

Petition to kill off Barry Barry in the new series

We *finally* asked 21 boys to confess their biggest dating icks

Which one of you is out there sending daily horoscopes??? Jk it’s me x

Don’t panic but these ridiculously iconic TV shows are turning 10 in 2022

I’m actually a granny

QUIZ: You’re a mean one if you don’t know all 22 of these Christmas song lyrics

This is a Band Aid free zone x

The foolproof way to see how many Insta stalkers are sneakily saving your posts

None of you are slick btw

How to start a Tinder conversation: The best dating app openers more banging than saying ‘hey’

Stop making pandemic jokes challenge 2021

It’s official: You could get paid £50 an hour *just* to use TikTok

My bank account is happy crying, screaming and throwing up

Oh I’m curious: Ranking the worst TikTok trends of 2021

Enter with caution!!!!

Ranking the cheesiest anti-cigarette ads that’ll make you want to leave the smoking area and never come back

Smoking is bad because a purple alien said so x

QUIZ: What percentage horse girl are you?

If your name’s Harriet, feel free to skip this quiz x

Just 42 more Selling Sunset memes that are so good they deserve millions in commission

If binge-watching it is wrong, I don’t wanna be right

I worked out my 2021 Deliveroo Wrapped and I’ve spent over a grand on takeaways

My top food moods were bank-checkingly regretful and constantly snacky, hbu?

These are officially 2021’s most popular TikTok recipes

Fried cheese connoisseurs rise up

VOTE: Which Christmas romcom leading man is actually the worst?

Justice for Emma Thompson!!!!!

2020core: The hellish new TikTok trend where people wish they were in lockdown again

Just feel like baking banana bread with Captain Tom rn x

This is where you recognise the cast of Netflix’s Single All The Way from

Petition to rename it Jennifer Coolidge: The Movie

These are officially 2021’s most popular TikTok songs

I’m BEGGIN’ someone to please free us from the shackles of Mȧneskin x

Only true dumping ground kids can get full marks on this ultimate Tracy Beaker quiz

Beaker club or bust x

‘It feels like punishment’: It’s time to stop charging women £25 for the morning after pill

‘They could make emergency contraception cheaper, but they’re choosing not to. It’s sexist’

How to take THE perfect nude: We asked girls for their expert tips

Taking notes x