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You’ve seen it all over Twitter, but how do you actually create an AI version of yourself?

I have to admit, I’m obsessed

I worked out my 2022 Deliveroo Wrapped, and turns out I’ve spent almost £700 on takeaways

My personality type is: Hungry

Just a deep dive into the real love lives of the Love Actually cast

Thomas Brodie-Sangster dated Wendy from My Parents Are Aliens for YEARS

MTV, football teams and owning the British press: How Robert Maxwell made his millions

He started off with literally nothing

This is exactly what’s going to happen on 3rd December, according to TikTok

Don’t worry, the world isn’t about to end

Netflix’s Filthy Rich tells the depraved story of Ghislaine Maxwell, but where is she now?

She was exposed for human trafficking in 2019

This is where you recognise the cast of Netflix’s Blood, Sex & Royalty from

Apparently it’s like The Crown but ‘raunchier’

A brief history of influencers being totally out-of-touch during the cost of living crisis

‘I’m the most productive person ever’

Lydia Millen is now responding to everyone in the comments, and I can’t even bear to look

‘We gave the dogs the heater x’

Netflix’s latest true crime explores the awful case of child trafficker Ghislaine Maxwell

‘A socialite, a woman, can be a predator too’

‘Still proud’: Zara McDermott defends her ‘triggering’ weight loss photo in new BBC doc

Zara McDermott: Disordered Eating is out on iPlayer today

‘At first it was sad’: Just six nepo babies who have bravely admitted to being nepo babies

My heart bleeds x

All the British politicians who have spoken out against the World Cup in Qatar

As well as all the politicians who’ve backed it

Twitter may be dying, but these 14 memes prove we were laughing until the end

Quickly Googling ‘how to create a block list irl’

Erm, why the hell is TikTok randomly filled with Wake Me Up Dog profile pictures?

Not another cult!

All the least popular people from the MAFS UK 2022 cast, according to Instagram

Myself and my 500 followers are judging x

Just a list of all the major Hollywood A-listers starring in Netflix’s Wednesday

Catherine Zeta-Jones as Morticia? I’m SOLD

Um, John Major had an affair with a really famous MP – but why wasn’t it in The Crown?

She called him a ‘sexy beast’ and I’m SCREAMING

These are the luxurious real-life filming locations from Netflix’s Falling for Christmas

Turns out Jake’s humble family lodge is actually pretty boujie

‘She just wanted Charles’: Inside Princess Diana and Dodi Al Fayed’s summer situationship

‘She’d have gone back in a heartbeat’

Who exactly was Dukey from The Crown – and why was he against the Panorama interview?

He thought the BBC was ‘too left-wing’

Stick on a Revenge Dress and read these 13 upset tweets about *that* scene from The Crown

‘I expected it to be more about the Revenge Dress and less about Charles’ breakdancing’

This is where you recognise the cast of Falling for Christmas from

Sorry but I can’t even look at Chord Overstreet without thinking about ‘Trouty Mouth’

Right, where actually was the Queen when Princess Diana’s Panorama interview aired?

She didn’t bother watching it x

These five ‘LGBTQ+ friendly’ brands are also sponsoring the 2022 World Cup in Qatar

This is horrific

Did Princess Diana and the Queen really have an intense chat before the BBC interview?

Give all the awards to THAT scene

So, how did the royals actually react to Princess Diana’s wild Panorama interview?

She spilled the monarchy’s secrets in front of 23 million people lol

What was wrong with Peter Townsend when he visited Princess Margaret, and how did he die?

Their love story was so tragic

I had to read these 13 thirsty tweets about The Crown’s John Major, and now you do too

Jonny Lee Miller must pay for his crimes

Meet Martin Bashir, the disgraced journalist who interviewed Princess Diana in 1995

He secured the world exclusive – but decades later, his deceit was exposed

Everything you need to know about Andrew Morton, Princess Diana’s secret biographer

Diana’s tapes weren’t released until 20 years after her death

Hate to break it to you, but Mike Tindall was once ‘caught’ at a ‘Mad M**get Weekender’

‘It was nothing we didn’t do in 2003, not one player threw a dw*rf’

As a size 16, I desperately need people to know my body is not a dying trend

Heroin chic might be ‘back’ – but hating your body doesn’t have to be

‘No morals’: People are fuming at Rihanna for including Johnny Depp in her upcoming show

Fenty ambassadors are tearing up their contracts

Just a list of six major historical events you’ll see in The Crown season five

Will it show Diana’s death?

The twisted true story of Sally McNeil, the subject of Netflix’s Killer Sally

Netflix’s latest brutal true crime is available now

Guys… a member of Beyoncé’s team seemingly just leaked a Renaissance film


So, this is how you can find the people you fancy on the new Tinder Uni feature

Thank us later x

A list of things you’ll only remember if you went to tragic Halloween parties growing up

Bring back apple bobbing!!!

This is what your Halloween costume says about you this year

All the Wednesday Addams girlies are automatically winning

Right, why exactly are people Googling ‘what killed Barney the dinosaur’?

A new documentary has made TikTokers believe something awful happened to him

From Kim Kardashian to Hailey Bieber: Every celebrity who’s spoken out against Kanye West

‘You need help. Your children need help. It’s terrible’

Okay, here’s a definitive list of every single brand who has cut ties with Kanye West

He’s no longer a billionaire – having lost around £500 million from severed deals

Right then, what exactly is going on with Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott?

All the cheating rumours, explained

Netflix’s latest true crime is all about the twisted story of ‘Killer Sally’

Sally McNeil was a bodybuilder who had it all – now she’s spending her life in prison

People are truly divided over one scene from Taylor Swift’s Anti-Hero music video

Is it a representation of inner demons – or just straight-up fat-shaming?

Breaking: Rishi Sunak set to become the UK’s next Prime Minister

Penny Mordaunt has dropped out of the race!!

‘Thasmin deserved better’: Why Doctor Who fans were disappointed at the Centenary Special

‘Congrats, you ruined a perfectly good episode with massive queerbaiting’

Hang on, did ‘Big Oil’ actually hire actors to throw soup all over the Van Gogh painting?

Mum come pick me up, TikTok’s got its tinfoil hat on again

Meet the Animal Rebellion ‘milk pour’ protesters you’ve been seeing all over Twitter

One of them ‘had a nap and read Horrible Histories’ in jail

Guys! Maya Jama has been announced as the new host of Love Island

She’ll be taking over from Laura Whitmore next year

Meet Rachel Lyu: The Cambridge student who just won the first ever uni Dragon’s Den

Sell it to The City encourages students to pitch to big-time investors

‘This is a game-changer’: TikTokers are loving Myoovi, the pad making periods painless

You should never have to accept pain during your period

Just a list of five films and shows you totally forgot Evan Peters had starred in

HOW could we forget The Office’s nepotism baby?

‘It’s anti-abortion propaganda’: People are disgusted by this one scene in Blonde

Planned Parenthood has even released a statement about it

This is everything Netflix’s Dahmer series got wrong about the case

The writers took a bit of artistic license with these

Did you know these *huge* artists shockingly used Jeffrey Dahmer in their song lyrics?

People have called them ‘disrespectful’

The shocking story behind John Wayne Gacy’s death that Netflix’s Dahmer didn’t show

Something went wrong during his execution

Everything you need to know about John Wayne Gacy and his horrific crimes

He claimed twice as many lives as Jeffrey Dahmer

‘They didn’t ask me, they just did it’: Rita Isbell on being portrayed in Netflix’s Dahmer

She accused ‘greedy’ Netflix of monetising the tragedy

Don’t Worry Darling, here are 20 memes to take your mind off Harry Styles’ bad accent

Not everyone get this oppor-chew-ni-ee!

‘It’s retraumatising’: Errol Lindsey’s family speak out against the Jeffrey Dahmer Story

Errol was Dahmer’s 11th known victim

So, did King Charles’ bodyguards actually wear fake hands? We finally know the answer

This may shock (some) of you

Here’s what Jeffrey Dahmer’s little-known younger brother is up to now

David Dahmer doesn’t feature in the Netflix series

Right, why the hell are TikTokers cooking their chicken in flu medicine?

The FDA has warned it could be dangerous

‘A regrettable period in my life’: Everything we know about the Adam Levine scandal

He denies having an affair with Sumner Stroh

A resurfaced TikTok seems to show Holly and Phillip walking past The Queue

Spokespeople for This Morning insist they didn’t queue-jump

10 years on from Educating Yorkshire, where is Musharaf ‘Mushy’ Asghar now?

Mushy overcame his stammer in front of the whole school

Debunked: Did The Simpsons really predict the Queen’s death?

It’s getting out of hand now

Hang on, are King Charles’ bodyguards actually using fake hands?

TikTokers reckon they’re plastic

From the Queen’s funeral to Diana’s interview: Here are the most-watched Royal events EVER

*Billions* of people were expected to have tuned in today

‘They weren’t VIPs’: Read This Morning’s full, grovelling statement about The Queue

Phillip and Holly have received backlash for apparently queue-jumping

From David Beckham to Sharon Osbourne: Every celeb sighting in ‘The Queue’ so far

People are lining up for miles to see the Queen’s coffin

Steph Pappas opens up about her dad’s death in devastating YouTube video

Absolutely heartbreaking

Guys, the Cara Delevingne TikTok transformations are disgusting and they can’t go on

Whatever she’s dealing with right now, let’s just leave her alone

Every single question you’ve had about the Queen since her death, answered

Literally, every single one

Breaking: Harry Landis, AKA Friday Night Dinner’s Mr Morris, has died

He was 90 years old

Sins Of Our Mother: Where are Lori and Chad Daybell now?

The couple are the focus of Netflix’s latest true crime

The disturbing true story of Lori Daybell, the killer behind Sins Of Our Mother

Sins Of Our Mother drops on Netflix today

Just a list of the really random celebs who showed up at Beyoncé’s 41st birthday party

This is my Met Gala!

Prince Andrew can now stand in for King Charles if he can’t rule

His new role means he’ll be caretaker king if Charles is unwell or out of the country

TikTokers are speculating about Cara Delevingne’s mental health, and it needs to stop

Why don’t we just leave celebrities alone?

Just 19 unhinged brand tributes to the Queen which go way too far

Thank you B&Q very cool!

So, will The Crown series five be delayed in light of the Queen’s death?

Series six is taking a break

Live: Everything that’s happening with the Queen right now, as it happens


‘F**k whoever wrote this’: This is why people are calling out Devil in Ohio

‘Devil in Ohio demonises women and girls’

Tasha’s first eBay collection has *officially* dropped – and she’s a sustainable queen

One of the pieces is called ‘borrowed from Andrew’ 🥺

‘I’m unfollowing him right now’: A brief history of Amber Gill’s iconic Love Island feuds

Our chaotic queen!

Amber Gill and Jake Cornish got into a *huge* Twitter fight, and it looks like she won

‘I was getting paid while you were selling furniture’

Love Island’s Tasha announces she’s moving in with Andrew in amazing BSL video

She used British Sign Language (BSL) to tell everyone her news

Netflix’s latest true crime is about the horrific anthrax attacks after 9/11

The Anthrax Attacks will be out on 8th September

Right, Chris Pine has confirmed Harry Styles did *not* actually spit in his lap

Someone’s come up with a theory that’ll blow your mind

Gemma Owen will reportedly star in a new reality show about footballers’ daughters

‘Being a footballers’ daughter isn’t an easy ride!’

Meet Maria Bregova: The 22-year-old uni student apparently dating Leonardo DiCaprio


Netflix’s latest true crime drama is about *another* evil US cult

Devil in Ohio is based on true events, and drops today

Take these starters for 10 and we’ll tell you how well you’d do on University Challenge

This is the hardest quiz you’ll EVER take, by the way

Right, we need to talk about Leonardo DiCaprio’s creepy age-gap relationships

I won’t let him give me a mid-life crisis at 24!!!

A YouTuber who had surgery to ‘look Korean’ has finally apologised to the Asian community

Oli London claims they underwent 32 surgeries to look like BTS’ Jimin

Only Drake and Josh themselves could get full marks on this obscure Nickelodeon quiz

House of Anubis hive rise up!

‘Beg the judges if they say no’: Every X Factor act who has spoken against the show

A damning X Factor doc has JUST been confirmed

Just a list of 24 things we *wish* we’d known before starting uni

Your kitchen will inexplicably smell like the bin – learn to live with it