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Every single salty comment this year’s Love Islanders have made about the producers

Coco’s dad literally had to ring up

Here’s everything American TikTokers ALWAYS get wrong about the UK


Here’s everything we know about the horrifying Armie Hammer doc so far

House of Hammer will be available to stream 2nd September

Here we go again! We predict who Pete Davidson is going to date next

Who’s ready for a HPS (Hot Pete Summer)?

People are rinsing an American TikToker for going to Brixton – and this is why

‘Yums for my tums’

Hang on, what’s the beef between Tana Mongeau and Addison Rae’s dad?

Imagine explaining this headline to a Victorian child

What has Fred Durst said about Woodstock ’99 and what happened during his performance?

The Limp Bizkit frontman had LOADS to say at the time

A ‘fatphobic’ new filter has appeared on TikTok and honestly, it’s disgusting

Creators are rightfully calling it out

Netflix’s latest true crime tells the chilling story of a teenager who killed his own dad

I Just Killed My Dad will be released next week

Beyoncé removes *another* clip from Renaissance amid Kelis and Pharrell drama

‘From one artist to another… grow up’

Scope tells Beyoncé the ‘s’ slur ‘does NOT need a Renaissance’

‘The disabled community is tired of telling people to do better’

‘Abusive behaviour is not entertainment’: Refuge responds to the Love Island 2022 final

ITV will be reviewing the show in light of complaints

Beyoncé will be removing the ableist slur from Heated, her team confirms

Disability activists asked her to apologise

Taylor Swift’s CO2 emissions will balance out if 70k of us stop eating meat, apparently

Environmental queen encouraging us all to go vegan!!

One month on from Lizzo’s apology, Beyoncé is being called out for using an ableist slur

‘S**z needs to be dropped from rap’

‘I’ve never seen anything like it’: Beyoncé responds to the Renaissance leak

Someone released the audio files 36 hours early

Bey is BACK and here are 16 reactions to her seventh album, Renaissance

I’m sleeping real BAD at night because I stayed up for the release

Someone leaked Beyoncé’s new album 36 hours before its release – here’s what we know

If you kids can’t behave there’ll be no Renaissance for anybody!!

Named and shamed: The 16 unis charging THOUSANDS in non-refundable deposits

You could lose up to £5,000 if you’re no longer able to study

‘They’re so insecure’: This is apparently why Love Is Blind doesn’t do body diversity

I’m cringing at this response, honestly

A man filmed for a ‘random act of kindness’ TikTok has responded – and he’s ‘traumatised’

People have been filming themselves doing ‘nice things’ for attention

‘I wouldn’t be here without them’: How antidepressants changed these students’ lives

‘I’d be a sobbing mess on the floor if I didn’t have Sertraline’

Erm, Liam Payne left out a HUGE detail about how One Direction was actually formed

‘I was the honorary member of One Direction… Simon told me himself’ (lol)

‘Best series yet’: This is what the Waterloo Road cast *actually* think of the reboot

Donte’s opinion is law, actually

‘Actually disgusting’: Doja Cat receives backlash for mocking Amber Heard

‘This makes me sick to my stomach’

The shocking true story of Netflix’s Girl in the Picture – a very simple timeline

People are struggling to keep up with the plot twists

Girl in the Picture: Where is Franklin Delano Floyd now?

The murderer is the subject of Netflix’s latest true crime

Adam’s coming BACK to the villa – and these 22 memes are just as wild as he is

Quite honestly I’m still in shock

‘You’re so scared of breasts’: Florence Pugh shuts down comments on her see-through dress

‘Respect all women’

This is where you recognise the cast of The Undeclared War from

Don’t get nightmares

‘We all see what I’m saying’: Amber Gill clarifies her ‘switching teams’ comments

‘It should’ve stayed in my damn drafts’

We shouldn’t even need to say it, but PLEASE don’t tape your mouth up before you sleep

Why would you do this?!

I had to tell someone to keep their unwanted baby: My life working at a UK abortion clinic

‘I thought they’d take their own life after that’

‘It was just fun – until it wasn’t’: Ezra Miller’s alleged victims have spoken out

Here’s everything we know

You deserve a Dundie if you can get 10/10 on this Office US quotes quiz

‘Bears. Beets. Battlestar Galactica’

We tried the NGL anonymous questions app – because apparently it’s 2011 again

You’re joking, not another one!!

Sparkles, boots and see-through vests: The best dressed at Glastonbury 2022

No more men in t-shirts!! Society has progressed past men in t-shirts!!

Debunked: So, is Johnny Depp making a HUGE comeback as Captain Jack Sparrow?

Rumours have been flying for days

‘She’s got problems downstairs’: Deliveroo rider targets student for ordering thrush cream

He filmed the order for his 1,000 Instagram followers

From alien-hunting to iCarly – this is what the Sonny with a Chance cast are up to now

The Mandela Effect is finding out there were only two seasons

Roe v. Wade: How the devastating decision affects us in the UK, and how we can help

In a single year, 100,000 British people have been targeted with pro-life harassment

Someone leaked Beyoncé’s new song on Twitter – and apparently her team is fuming

That Twitter account won’t break their soul

Um… Molly-Mae got kicked out of a club for breaking a very important rule

Apparently a security guard ‘shouted in her face’

They’re somehow still going, but here are seven reasons Jake and Logan Paul should quit forever

I say ‘somehow’ – I’m the one writing about them

‘It’s Islamophobic’: Fans are calling Logan Paul out for joking about Zayn Malik

The YouTuber is receiving backlash for racially insensitive comments

ITV’s latest true crime tells the sickening story of the Butcher Surgeon

This doctor performed mastectomies for fun

Johnny Depp will be back in court next month to fight assault accusations

He’ll be represented by Camille Vasquez again

Only Blue Ivy herself could get 11/11 in this Beyoncé lyrics quiz

Unless you have a Sia in the basement, you’re on your own

Missguided WON’T be sending out customers’ orders or offering refunds

The outlet went into administration on 31st May

A non-exhaustive list of EVERYTHING we know about Beyoncé’s new album

If it’s another TIDAL exclusive I’ll riot

Five horrifying cults to read up on after you finish Keep Sweet: Pray and Obey

These are so messed up

Is Beyoncé’s new album coming TONIGHT?! A very serious investigation

B7 might be here by the weekend and I’m simply not ready

The harrowing true story behind Netflix’s Keep Sweet: Pray and Obey

Victims of the cult are speaking out for the first time

A complete timeline of the shocking allegations against Ezra Miller

They’ve been accused of grooming a woman from the age of 12

Johnny Depp just posted his first TikTok – and Amber Heard’s already responded

‘As Johnny Depp moves forward, women’s rights are moving backward’

Just a list of *very normal* things Johnny Depp has been up to since the trial ended

Spending 50 grand on curry – Very Normal

So, what is a Spotify Pie Chart and how do you get it?

It’s like Spotify Wrapped!! But not as good

All the details on Dami: This year’s Love Islander looking for… a wife?!

Chloe Burrows reckons he has the ‘luck of the Irish’

Right, what exactly will happen if Amber Heard can’t pay Johnny Depp?

Johnny Depp’s team *could* seize her home

‘Naive and disrespectful’: Sam Fender apologises for hanging out with Johnny Depp

They went to the pub together straight after the verdict

All the celebrities who have reacted to the Johnny Depp verdict – so far

Johnny Depp won his case against Amber Heard yesterday (1st June)

Nine more HUGE celebrity lawsuits you need to read up about next

More money more problems, apparently

Johnny Depp WINS the defamation case – but what happens next?

How much money will he get?

Burgers, Barbies and battered fish: Just 20 of the most unhinged Platinum Jubilee merch

Disown the monarchy but keep the Platty Joobs meat plate

Matthew Morrison reportedly fired from show after sending ‘inappropriate’ texts

A contestant from So You Think You Can Dance felt ‘uncomfortable’

#MeToo: You probably forgot these 10 male celebrities faced sexual assault allegations

Yep, privilege has that effect

A definitive list of every ‘Girl’ you can possibly be, according to TikTok

I’m the I No Longer Wish To Be Perceived Girl

Netflix’s next true crime is about FLDS – an abusive, polygamous Mormon cult

Keep Sweet: Pray and Obey will be out on 8th June

Right, why are people telling us to Google how Dora the Explorer died on TikTok?

Swiper is still with us, thankfully

Glass bottles and Teacup Yorkies: All the moments you missed from the Depp v Heard trial

After six long weeks, it ends today

VOTE: Once and for all, which CBBC show is the greatest of ALL time?

I’m suing if none of the Tracy Beakers win x

All the false reports you’ve heard about the Depp v Heard trial, debunked

Nothing’s what it seems

Depp v Heard: Just a round-up of all the pettiness that went on in court yesterday

Accusations were flying

‘Johnny never pushed me’: Kate Moss testifies in the Depp v Heard trial

The pair dated between 1994 and 1998

These artists are TIRED of making TikToks to promote their music, apparently

Even Ed Sheeran’s moaning about it

Here are all the celebrities who have supported Johnny Depp during the trial

Ex-girlfriend Kate Moss is due to testify on Wednesday

Petty brands and feral TikToks: Why we should all feel ashamed of the Depp v Heard case

A trial rooted in alleged domestic violence deserved more respect

As Depp v Heard comes to an end, here are all the possible outcomes of the trial

The final arguments will be heard this Friday (27th May)

Used pads and deodorant stains: Here are 26 more hellish Depop Dramas

Too many people accidentally selling worn pants for my liking

‘Found frog in burger’: Just 30 of the worst Takeaway Traumas so far

Only homemade salads and tap water for me now thanks

A Duolingo employee has apologised for joking about Amber Heard on her work’s TikTok

‘I made a mistake… I’m listening’

Here are 21 of the *best* reactions to the Wagatha Christie trial

Happy Wayne Rooney court drawing day, to those who celebrate

Everything you need to know about Camille Vasquez, Johnny Depp’s lawyer

Has she ever represented a celebrity before?

Depp v Heard: How did Amber Heard get her role in Aquaman?

Johnny Depp’s lawyer grilled her on it during yesterday’s questioning

‘I wasn’t in a pranking mood’: Amber Heard says she didn’t use Johnny Depp’s bed as a toilet

Her ex-husband’s dog allegedly had bowel problems

So, we finally know why Johnny Depp refused to look at Amber Heard during her testimony

He wore sunglasses while his ex-wife spoke

Every single Doctor from 2005 – now, definitively ranked

This time next year Ncuti Gatwa will be #1

‘So in love with her’: Julia Fox defends Amber Heard as trial enters fifth week

The actress called Johnny Depp ‘powerful’

These 14 Conversations With Friends reactions are way more fun than the show itself

‘It’s a little boring I fear’

Quiz: What percentage Extremely Online are you?

Do you desperately need to touch grass? Let’s find out!!

Every single Doctor Who companion, definitively ranked

Only from 2005 onwards, we don’t have all year x

Depp v Heard: When did Johnny Depp and Kate Moss date?

Amber Heard referenced the supermodel in her testimony

So, what are the cast of The Office US up to now?

Turns out Creed Bratton’s real name is Creed Bratton lol

Memeification of Amber Heard’s testimony could be ‘deeply triggering’, warns Refuge

Creators are turning the trial into skits, hashtags and memes

Okay, so how the hell *do* you get an invite to the Met Gala?

1. Be really famous

All the iconic UK celebs who went to the Met Gala – and what they wore

Waiting patiently for next year’s invite x

Here’s ALL the tea you’ve missed since MAFS Australia season nine ended

Erm, why did the creator call the cast ‘underwhelming’?

So, it turns out Milani Cosmetics wasn’t mentioned during the Depp v Heard trial

There might be more to this than we first thought

Inside No. 9 episode two ending explained: So, who the hell is Mr. King?

And why can’t I stop saying ‘human beans’?

Sorry, you’re a Geriatric Gen-Z’er if you can relate to these 30 things

AKA how to have an existential crisis in 30 steps

PSA: ASOS is introducing a minimum spend for all Premier Delivery customers

What’s so premier about it, then?