‘This is a game-changer’: TikTokers are loving Myoovi, the pad making periods painless

You should never have to accept pain during your period

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Cramps can be excruciating, and we’re all just expected to get on with it. People with periods – you’ll know exactly what I mean here. All we’re supposed to do is pop a painkiller (or two) and ride it out like the big, strong adults we are.

Period pains are just so… normalised. Whether you’re sitting in a foetal position on the floor, curled up in a ball, even heaving due to stomach ache, people often just shrug us off and expect us to ignore it. Even when painkillers may not be enough. 

Those of you with Endometriosis know this better than anyone. Those pains can disrupt your entire day, and make you want to get into bed and reflect on all those pain-free non-period days you miss more than anything.

Enter Myoovi. This instant, drug-free solution to painful periods was founded by UK-based doctors to help us finally kick those nasty cramps for good. The skin-tone butterfly pads work by gently releasing small electrical pulses into your stomach. It’s non-invasive, and just feels like a light vibration. 

The pads are skin-inclusive, and come in a number of different tones for discreet pain relief. TikTokers are literally calling it a “game-changer”. Here’s what else they’ve said:

@issyoakley @myoovi ♬ original sound – Issy Oakley

TikToker Issy Oakley (@issyoakley) says she had “immense pain after coming off the implant about two years ago”, and the official Nexplanon website states that stomach pain is a typical side effect from implant removal. 

In a TikTok which now has 153k likes, Issy said the Myoovi Kit made her pain “a lot less” and she didn’t feel like she needed to take painkillers to get rid of it.

Another content creator, @shanicemua_, tested the Myoovi Kit to help with cramps worsened by her Polycystic Ovary Syndrome. As well as saying “@myoovi quite literally out here saving lives,” she confessed, “I don’t want to be a sicko and say I enjoy my periods now, but they’re definitely a lot easier to deal with.”

Click here to get 10 per cent off your first kit!


Click here to get 10 per cent off your first kit!

If you struggle with painful periods, you should definitely give Myoovi a go. You can use the code AUTUMN10 for 10 per cent off your kit.

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