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Meet Pete and Bas: The grandads turned TikTok rappers who are all over your For You Page

Are they the next hot boyband?

If your FYP is anything like mine, you’ll have noticed that Pete and Bas content has seemingly appeared out of nowhere and is coming in thick and fast – quite frankly, I’m here for it. They’ve seemingly captivated the young audience on TikTok and are on track to become the next viral sensation. I frequently catch myself humming their tracks and miming the lyrics – they’re actually pretty good. But you may still be wondering, who are these trendy men?

The hip hop duo are the hottest rappers on the scene, despite releasing their first single Shut Ya Mouth in 2017. They write all of their own songs, and they’re both well into their 70s. They post clips of their newest tracks on TikTok and YouTube, where followers have become absolutely obsessed; one commenter on TikTok said “It’s legitimately amazing”, while another wrote “Walter White better calm down”.


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Their singles are are even on Spotify, they’re that legit. They spit rhymes of the likes of Plugged In and The Old Estate which have millions of streams and their newest single Mr Worldwide already has over three and a half million streams on Spotify. You can even go and see them live.

Apparently, the famous pair discovered their talent and love for hip hop after Pete’s granddaughter introduced him to it in the car. Soon after, Shut Ya Mouth was born, closely followed by their subsequent love children Do One and Burning in 2018.

Dubbed “the grandfathers of UK drill” by the BBC, Pete and Bas are making a stir online with their poignant verses and are even collaborating with other artists, such as rapper M24. They’ve already gigged numerous cities across the UK and they’ve recently dropped their winter tour dates – which are being sold strongly by Bas’ threats to “find you and sort you out”.

Sitting at a comfortable 650k following on TikTok, they could possibly hit one million before the end of the year. Fingers crossed for an Ed Sheeran collab, lads.

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