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Everything you need to know about the Miami Boys Choir and its iconic music

The Miami Boys Choir is the only thing maintaining my mental health right now

The Miami Boys Choir has been around since 1977 but it’s now just finding its feet on TikTok and people are obsessed with it. When you think about viral TikTok content, chances are you’re thinking of some fun trends with filters or thirst trap dances – you’re definitely not thinking about an Orthodox Jewish kid choir.

But the truth is the choir on TikTok slap so hard so here’s everything you need to know about them:

Who are the Miami Boys Choir on TikTok?

The Miami Boys Choir has been around since 1977 when it was founded in Miami Beach, Florida by a man called Yerachmiel Begun. He later moved to New York and took the choir with him where they played in huge venues. His son started a TikTok account for the choir and the rest is history and according to The Jewish Chronicle, Yerachmiel is still the director of the choir and he composes all of their songs!  Their performance of Psalms 125:2 (aka Yerushaliyim) is currently popping off on the app.

The official account has 137.4k followers and over two million likes since posting its first video back in June. Just listen to this soloist, his name is Ari Rosner and he does not disappoint.


“Ani Maamin” (which means “I believe”) – 2005 performance by MBC soloist Ari Rosner. Ani Maamin, a true MBC classic, was originally released in 1992 and has been performed live by MBC at so many performances ever since. Hopefully you can understand why ✨🎶 #solo #soloist #mbc #miamiboyschoir #miamiboys #music #jewish #מוסיקה

♬ original sound – Yerachmiel Begun and MBC

People are seriously obsessing over the Miami Boys Choir

People are completely and unironically obsessed with the Miami Boys Choir thanks to TikTok. The choir is also actually the most wholesome thing on TikTok right now, people are really stanning them and it’s no joke. The vocals are insanely good and the music is upbeat and catchy – here are a couple of the best Miami Boys Choir TikTok videos.

The energy is through the roof in this one:


Yes it is true. The Miami Boys Choir – is one of one. This age (10-14) performers, singing, dancing and performing 100% live, and at the level MBC is operating, is nearly unheard of in the world of entertainment. Believe it or not, that is what we get to see here. #solo #mbc #miamiboyschoir #miamiboys #vocals #vocal #music #jewish

♬ original sound – Yerachmiel Begun and MBC

Here is one of the most popular songs on TikTok, you can even download it on Spotify and Apple Music – it’s incredible.


It took nearly two weeks (!) to get this done, but now it is finally here. MBC has finally put “Yerushalayim” – The LIVE version, on Spotify (and Apple Music). Out now. #newmusic #solo #vocals #vocal #opop #jpop #jewish #mbc #miamiboyschoir

♬ original sound – Yerachmiel Begun and MBC

For more content you can follow the boys on TikTok here.

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