Marriage to being besties with Simu Liu: Where your fave former BuzzFeed stars are now

Because not all of them are out here cheating on their wife x

Ah, BuzzFeed. A staple of my after-school routine, and without it I would never know what kind of pasta I am (linguine FYI). But the real stars of BuzzFeed were those who starred in their videos, acting out how to talk to your crush or weird things all couples argue about.

But a good six years on from the ‘golden age’ of BuzzFeed and most of their iconic cast have moved on. But what exactly are they all up to now? From meeting Zendaya and Lizzo, to marrying their co-worker after a secret six-year relationship, there’s a lot to catch up on! So what are you waiting for, keep reading to find out what all your old favourite BuzzFeed stars have been up to:

Keith Habersberger

Via Instagram @keithhabs

Keith is one of the three (previously four) members of The Try Guys. The Try Guys were formed in 2014 whilst at BuzzFeed and in 2018 they broke off from BuzzFeed to create their own company, 2nd Try LLC. Since then Keith has started his own range of chicken sauces, stemming from his love of fried chicken.

He also has his own very successful brand of videos called “Keith Eats The Menu”, where, you guessed it, Keith eats the whole menu at various chains around America. He married his wife, Becky, in 2017 and she regularly appears in Try Guys videos. Most importantly though are the two cats they own, Alfred and Grandpa Berry, who even have their own Instagram account.

Zach Kornfield

Via Instagram @korndiddy

Zach is another member of The Try Guys. He is one of the presenters on The Try Guys podcast, TryPod and has been engaged to his girlfriend Maggie since 2020. Zach has been very vocal about his struggles with his health, having his own series about chronic pain due to his autoimmune disease called Ankylosing Spondylitis.

Eugene Lee Yang

Via Instagram @eugeneleeyang

The third member of The Try Guys and has been in a relationship with Matthew since 2012. Since leaving BuzzFeed Eugene has guest starred in an episode of Brooklyn 99, and has his first queer YA novel releasing in 2024.

Eugene openly came out in 2019, and has his own iconic drag persona called Cheyenne Pepper, with Mayhem Miller from season 10 of RuPaul’s Drag Race being Pepper’s drag mother.

Ned Fulmer

Yes. I think we all know what Ned’s been up to since leaving The Try Guys. And in case you missed it you can read about it here.

Kristin Chirico

Via Instagram @itskristinchirico

Kristen was part of BuzzFeed’s Ladylike channel, but left the company in 2017 due to increasing workloads. Both she and Jen Ruggirello left at the same time and formed their own YouTube channel, The Kitchen and Jorn Show, which currently has 504k subscribers. Kristen has been married to her wife Brie for four years, with Kristen supporting Brie on her transition.

Jen Ruggirello

Via Instagram @jenrigatoni

Jen Ruggirello left BuzzFeed at the same time as Kristen, and is the other half of The Kitchen and Jorn Show. She regularly collaborates with other former BuzzFeed employees on their YouTube channel.

Safiya Nygaard

Via Instagram @safiyany

Safiya is one of the most well known former BuzzFeed employees, and inspired the “Why I Quit BuzzFeed” trend of YouTube videos. Safiya was the video producer for the Ladylike series but quit Buzzfeed in 2017. Since then she married her long term boyfriend Tyler Williams in 2019, released her own lipstick collection with ColourPop and released her own line of merch called Fiendish Behaviour. Oh and she just sold her house for $3.1 million, so no biggie.

Quinta Brunson

Via Instagram @quintab

Quinta left BuzzFeed in 2018 and has gone on to become an Emmy award-winning producer and actor. Most recently she won an Emmy for Outstanding Writing for her comedy series Abbott Elementary, becoming the first black woman to win the award solo. She also had to deal with Jimmy Kimmel lying on the floor way after his joke had finished when she went to accept her award so she deserves another award for putting up with that. She’s also set to star in the upcoming Weird Al film alongside Daniel Radcliffe where she’ll be playing Oprah Winfrey.

And yes, that is a selfie with Lizzo, she’s living the dream. 

Ryan Bergara

Via Instagram @ryanbergara

Ryan is part of Watcher, alongside Shane Madej and Steven Lim. In 2016 Ryan launched BuzzFeed Unsolved but left in 2020 and started Watcher Entertainment, which currently has 2.12 million subscribers. He and Shane do a very popular ghost hunting series together called Ghost Files, and in August Ryan married his girlfriend Marielle.

Shane Madej

Via Instagram @shanemadej

Shane also left BuzzFeed in 2020, and proposed to his girlfriend Sara Reubin in June. Sara and Shane met whilst working at BuzzFeed and even featured in this cute ‘Should I Talk to My Crush?’ BuzzFeed video together! Honestly, at this point, BuzzFeed is its own dating agency.

Steven Lim

Via Instagram @stevenkwlim


Aside from that being an accolade in itself, Steven has won three Streamy’s since leaving BuzzFeed and is the executive producer and CEO of Watcher.

Ashly Perez

Via Instagram @itsashlyperez

Ashly was one of the most iconic BuzzFeed employees, and regularly starred in videos alongside Andrew Ilnyckyj in videos such as “Are They Finally Dating” and “Weird Things You Do When You Have a Crush”, and if you were a BuzzFeed watcher you 100 per cent shipped them together. Since leaving BuzzFeed Ashly has become a writer for the TV show The Good Trouble and was a senior producer on the Biden/ Harris campaign. Their first book Read This For Inspiration comes out on December 1st. Oh and she’s also recently got married to her former co-worker…

Chantel Houston

Via Instagram @chantelhouston

That’s right! BuzzFeed matchmaking strikes again! Ashly and Chantel got married in August after keeping their relationship private for six years! Chantel also cohosts the Moneys Honeys Podcast, alongside fellow former Buzzfeed employees Devin Lytle and Freddie Ransome

Featured image via Instagram @keithhabs, @quintab, @stevenkwlim

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