Take this quiz and we’ll tell you which classic British YouTuber you are

If you shop at Waitrose you’re Alfie Deyes

Cast your mind back to a time when all of the British YouTubers dominated the platform in the 2010s. How smug they were, going to VidCon in huge groups and travelling down to Brighton for cutesy day trips, vlogging the entire thing for our entertainment. Never has there been a group that has been so simultaneously hateable as it has been kiiiiinda appealing – I mean, we all hated them but we certainly wished occasionally that we had a friendship group like them.

Either way, they’re all very different characters for such a small group of people, and you’ve ALWAYS wanted to know which OG British YouTuber you are, so you’ll be thrilled to know that now you finally get the chance. In just 10 questions, we’re going to separate the Alfies from the Olis and the Dicasps from the Jacksgaps. Let’s go:

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