Dream face reveal

Dream has finally done a face reveal after being an anonymous online gamer for years

This is bigger than any Taylor Swift album drop, end of

After years of anonymous gaming, Minecraft streaming creator Dream has finally done a face reveal and everyone is shook. Yesterday Dream revealed his face in a YouTube video and shocked pretty much everyone after putting in effort to keep his identity a secret for years.

Over 1.3 million people joined his live stream where he told his fans he was excited at the thought of getting out into the world and being able to “be a person.” For anyone doubting the cultural impact this has, it’s the same as Sasha Velour lifting their wig in the Drag Race final lip sync to reveal…rose petals – it’s BIG.

Dream, also known as Clay, has a fanbase of 5.6 million Twitter followers, 3.1 Instagram followers and over 30 million subscribers on YouTube. He’s a 23-year-old streamer who spent ages building up to this event. Since posting his video, it’s had over 15 million views in the last 8 hours and it’s also number one on trending.

Now the hashtag Dream face reveal is trending on Twitter and everyone is sharing reactions. Even Jake Paul has come forward and called Clay “dreamy as hell.” MrBeast also commented on Dream’s video saying “come be in some videos,”imagine doing a face reveal and getting this offer MrBeast – I’d simply pass away.

Following his face reveal, Twitch’s Twitter account commented on his post saying: “Can’t wait to see you at TwitchCon, you handsome devil, you.”

You can watch Dream’s face reveal video here.

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