falling for christmas filming locations

These are the luxurious real-life filming locations from Netflix’s Falling for Christmas

Turns out Jake’s humble family lodge is actually pretty boujie

It’s mid-November, which means it’s totally acceptable to start streaming Christmas movies again. Netflix’s Falling for Christmas is the first in a long line of brand-new festive films dropping on the platform this year – including a cartoon remake of A Christmas Carol, featuring Prince Philip from The Crown.

Falling for Christmas marks the long-awaited comeback of Lindsay Lohan, in her first mainstream starring role since 2006’s Just My Luck. It centres an uber-privileged hotel heiress (Sierra Belmont) losing her memory, after falling off a ski slope as her shallow boyfriend (George Young) tries to propose. A yeehaw-yelling, wood-chopping, “country boys make do” guy called Jake (Chord Overstreet) happens to rescue her, and the pair slowly fall in love as he helps her back on her feet.

If it sounds incredibly cheesy and guiltily feel-good – that’s probably because it is. And every Hallmark-style Christmas film needs a gorgeous set of wintery filming locations to really set the scene. So, these are all the boujie Falling for Christmas filming locations:

Goldener Hirsch, Utah

falling for christmas filming locations

Photo via Netflix

This literally looks like an apartment you’d see on Selling Sunset if it was, y’know, based in the cold, dark state of Utah. Goldener Hirsch is where Sierra is seen at the beginning of the film, within the confines of the super-luxe Belmont hotel.

In reality, the Goldener resort boasts a full-on Alps experience; complete with marble dining areas, hot tubs, private bars and actual ski slopes, located in Deer Valley. A standard room can be rented for an eye-watering £775 a *night*.

Stein Ericksen Lodge Deer Valley, Utah

utah lodge

Photo via Netflix

Jake’s humble North Star Lodge simply can’t compare to the glossy Belmont Hotel. But, this cosy-looking family resort was the perfect place for him to fall in love with Sierra. Thing is, the Stein Ericksen Lodge isn’t actually any less boujie than Goldener Hirsch irl.

The luxury resort has something called a grand suite – which, let’s be honest, you wouldn’t find in your local petrol station motel. You’ve got your own media room, on-site spa, hot tub and heated outdoor pool, as well as more ski slopes. These usually go for around £500 a night. Not a bad place to rehabilitate, to be fair!

Salt Lake City, Utah

salt lake city

Photo via Netflix

The more scenic shots were taken in and around Salt Lake City – a mountainous place with loads of lodges, museums and shops. It’s known as the “cultural capital of Utah,” and it always snows at Christmas. The UK is, frankly, quaking.

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