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Stick on a Revenge Dress and read these 13 upset tweets about *that* scene from The Crown

‘I expected it to be more about the Revenge Dress and less about Charles’ breakdancing’

Ever since pics of Elizabeth Debicki recreating Princess Diana’s famous Revenge Dress scene leaked to the press, it’s all we’ve been thinking about. The possibilities about how Peter Morgan and The Crown team would re-write the scene were endless. Would we get to hear Princess Diana’s internal monologue while debuting “The Dress”? Would we get a scene on how it was picked? Would we get to see Camilla (allegedly) copying her afterwards?

Unfortunately, what we actually got was 20 seconds of Diana walking up-and-down, before going back to Charles, Camilla and their storyline.

Some might call it an understated, or subtle approach to a significant piece of history – others were just really, really disappointed. These 13 upset tweets about the Revenge Dress scene will, undoubtedly, leave you wanting more as well:

1. I’m saying nothing

2. If every episode could be sexy John Major and Diana’s Revenge Dress, I’d die happy


4. Peter Morgan has to pay!!!

5. Butchered is right, actually

6. Not the Prince Charles sympathy storyline

7. Is that it?!

8. I think Peter Morgan did this to personally annoy me

9. ‘Two minutes of slay’

10. The real Diana is spinning

11. To the tower with Peter Morgan!

12. 10 seconds of the Revenge Dress, five minutes of Charles embarrassing himself

13. Just terrible

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