princess diana and the queen

Did Princess Diana and the Queen really have an intense chat before the BBC interview?

Give all the awards to THAT scene

Undoubtedly, one of the biggest highlights of The Crown’s eighth episode is the dramatic conversation between Princess Diana and the Queen. After recording the shocking Panorama interview with Martin Bashir and the BBC team, they tell the Director General that her only condition is she wants to tell her mum-in-law before the documentary airs.

Buckingham Palace put up a united, silent front before, during and in the aftermath of the interview. But, nearly 30 years on, do we know if Princess Diana and the Queen actually spoke before the Panorama episode was broadcast?

princess diana and the queen

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In Gunpowder, the Princess of Wales notifies the Queen herself before the interview goes to air. We watch on as the two senior royals sit down together to discuss the content of the film – which includes Princess Diana opening up about her struggle to feel heard within the family. 

The Queen intensely – and intensely – reiterates her loyalty to the Princess as a member of her family, before refusing to watch it. She tells Diana she only wants her to be “happy,” and she often “defends her… to the hilt.”

Instead of watching, the Queen goes out for the night with her husband, Prince Phillip, to celebrate their 48th wedding anniversary at the 1995 Royal Variety Performance.

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It’s unknown whether Princess Diana actually warned the Queen about the interview before it aired. Whether this conversation – or a more true-to-life version of it, anyway – happened, is up for debate. According to History Extra, palace source Sarah Gristwood said: “I don’t know what level of knowledge the queen or indeed the palace had of what was coming. I’m not aware of any conversation like they posit between the Queen and Princess Diana.”

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