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Here’s what Jeffrey Dahmer’s little-known younger brother is up to now

David Dahmer doesn’t feature in the Netflix series

At 16 proven victims, Jeffrey Dahmer is one of the world’s most infamous – and worst – serial killers. Netflix’s Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story is just one in a long line of true crime dramas and films telling his horrifying story.

His parents are also notorious for having supported him throughout his capture, sentencing and eventual death. But, did you know, Dahmer actually has a little brother?

David Dahmer – named by the killer himself – doesn’t feature in the Netflix series, and he doesn’t like to publicly speak about his brother. But, here’s everything we know about him so far:

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In 1966, David was born in Bath, Ohio, to Joyce and Lionel Dahmer. Jeffrey would’ve been six at the time.

The serial killer apparently resented David when he was born; taking all the attention away from Jeffrey, who would’ve been an only child for half-a-decade. Despite this, Lionel stated in an interview that the pair “enjoyed themselves as brothers.”

Jeffrey and David split apart from each other when their parents separated – David went to live with Joyce, and Jeffrey stayed in the family home with Lionel.

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Lionel Dahmer told TV interviewer Larry King that David had since gone on to change his name, and wanted the press to respect his privacy. According to the Dahmer brothers’ step-mum, though, he’s got two children, a stable job and a happy marriage.

This interview – which took place in 2004 – was the last anyone in the public or press had heard about David Dahmer. It’s unknown where he is now, or whether he’s even still alive.

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