Tracy Edwards now Jeffrey Dahmer

Where is Tracy Edwards now? The man who survived and escaped Jeffrey Dahmer

His escape led the police to Dahmer’s apartment

Netflix’s new series Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story already has people gripped by the real life stories of the victims of Dahmer. The series stars Evan Peters playing Dahmer however it does not have focus on him but rather his victims and the failings of the Milwaukee police.

The first episode of the series shows viewers what happened on the night he was finally caught and arrested, through the eyes of Tracy Edwards. Tracy is the real life man who escaped and survived Jeffrey Dahmer and led the police to his apartment. His actions resulted in Dahmer being arrested in 1991. But where is Tracy Edwards now and what happened to him after Dahmer was convicted? Here’s everything we know about the real life Tracy Edwards today.

How did Tracy Edwards escape Jeffrey Dahmer?

Tracy was picked up by Jeffrey Dahmer at a bar and then was invited back to Dahmer’s apartment. Tracy assumed it was a hook up but Dahmer had every intention to murder him. In this first episode, we see Dahmer invite Tracy inside before locking his door. Tracy notices the foul smell and attempts to leave but Dahmer reacts and the situation gets dramatic.

Dahmer handcuffs Tracy and threatens him with a knife. Tracy ends up playing along in order to keep Dahmer chilled and plots his escape in his head. They pair enter the bedroom where Dahmer puts a movie on and lies down on Tracy’s chest saying he wants to eat his heart.

Tracy punches Dahmer and manages to escape the apartment. He runs out into the alleyway where he’s found by the police. Tracy then led the police back to Dahmer’s apartment and they discover the extent of Dahmer’s murders.

Where is Tracy Edwards now? What happened to him after Dahmer was sentenced?

After escaping Jeffrey Dahmer, Tracy Edwards ended up getting into trouble with the law himself. According to news reports, Tracy faced several charges including drug possession, property damage, theft and failure to pay child support. He was charged with homicide in 2011. He was one of two men who were arrested on suspicion of throwing a man to his death from a bridge. He spent a year and a half in prison and two years under supervision.

Since 2002 Tracy was homeless and moving from shelter to shelter therefore it’s currently unknown what the real Tracy Edwards is doing now.

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